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  1. What kind of acne is mine? No whiteheads... only red bumps...
  2. Been on accutane for almost 5 weeks already. Not helping much, still breaking out...PICs as reference, these lumps just don't GO AWAY AND FLATTEN OUT, and I get new breakouts now and then on my cheeks, now I have a feel new ones on the temple... I can't believe how much acne is a life ruiner... And I don't see much hope because it is still not clearing me up. FYI, the acne and marks look worser in real life than in the pic... Suggestions welcomed... BTW, What I don't understand is
  3. been bothered by acne for 1.5 years it was like hell , i got light red spots now but my life is back on track. plz dont lose hope people !!!!!
  4. Have u tried things like accutane? please hang on there !!!
  5. im 5'9'' and 32 waist btw .. i really wanna be 6'0'' or 6'1'' .. sigh ...
  6. may i ask how bad ur acne is? because i assume that when ppl have like 4-5 active pimples ppl like that talk about it and keep staring at it , i hate it too.
  7. buy a nice house and start my own business. does your heart beat alot faster when u hear the name of the person who u like?
  8. wow thats shocking , when my acne was like crap. my whole family said that is was nothing and even if i thought it was real bad it would be over real fast , it made me feel alot better , when i look at the mirror i get really disturbed and i vant alot and they wiould just comfort me every single time.
  9. go to another state for college or something , start everything new and forget about all those crap. just dont be upset with all these things anymore since they have happened already.
  10. i had horrible acne starting from 2005 oct till 2006 march , then i got on accutane , although i was clear of active acne , my right cheek had like 3-4 rolliing scars, not the very deep ones , but they were deep enough to notice through the mirror ,and u turn off the lights off abit , i can see the dent. at that time i didnt even worry about the scars , i only worried about the redmarks , so i heard that neosporin cream worked for redmarks a bit , so i used that at night when i sleep and during
  11. btw , sometimes i get a little shy and blush like crazy , my cheeks , below my eyes and my ears too , my ear is like all red , seriously all red, and my friends would go , hahahha he is nervous or something like haha he likes that girl look at his ears ... -___- i use to think i had rosacea too when i was on tane , but i found my self really silly couple days later cause i saw a person with rosacea , its completely different , u can tell right away. based on ur pics i seriously dont think that i
  12. = ] there must be a way to fix the problem ! are u still breaking out now ?