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  1. actually alot of people are prescribed with Accutane even with the mildest acne. My brother barely has acne but breaks out sometimes and his derm gave him accutane. I'm going to his derm to get me some accutane too. I have really mild acne but I have REALLY OILY SKIN....and it sucks!
  2. I don't think there's a difference. Both have the same drug ingredient. My brother is using Claravis and it's very effective. So I'm guessing that all those generic brands have the same ingredient and effect as Accutane.
  3. is it just me or is Dan dead? LOL! I haven't seen him post for ages....
  4. I'm sorry to bring bad news but if you use BP your red marks will stay for a long time. The reason is that BP is an oxident not an anti-oxident which would slow the healing process. So you might have trouble fading them. I stopped using BP in the summer and I'm using a different skin care line and also I use Neutrogena Skin Peel. Have you heard? I used it 5 times and already I see a slight difference on my red marks. Less red and skin feels smoother. But my advice is that if you REALLY wa
  5. Ok the prescription even says "DO NOT TAKE IF YOUR PREGNANT". How stupid could you be to take a drug that says not to take it if your pregnant. If they want to defect their babies and not listen to what the label says....then that's their fault not ours. OK! It's their problem, their shit to solve, and their decisions. So they have no reason to ban Accutane. Plus the article never explained why it can cause "life-threatening adverse effects" so Iw ould say this article is bullshit!
  6. Yeah it helps brighten your skin tone and makes it more balanced. My skin feels so such smoother and softer and my red marks are improving. About the product causing breakouts....well that's up to your skin because I never breakout from using new products. You should be fine with it since it says non-comedogenic. Just try it for a month. This is my 5th time using and now I will downgrade it to 2 times a week cuz' I wanted to see some results..lol
  7. OH DAMN! I might just have to find another derm. I'm not waiting 1-1.5 months just to see a derm. Thanks though....I wish my doctor can prescribe me Accutane...haha....he gave me differin and retin-a before...hmm....
  8. I'm using it now. It makes my skin very smooth and soft and got rid of those dry patches. I think this is perfect for red marks. This is my 3rd application and alrady I can see some change but not a BIG change. I have some shallow scars but it supposed to be gone in a year so I was hoping this would help with skin production..(i think that's what it's called)
  9. Oh your going to Doctor instead of the Derm? If you are I might cancel my appointment with my derm and go to my Doctor. The Derm insanely has a 1.5 months waiting period. My Doctor is my dad's friend so it will be easier to get Accutane from him. Can doctors prescirbe you Accutane....hmmmm??? ~JiN
  10. I have a question. Do doctors usually prescribe you Accutane even though your acne is not serious? I'm a little concerned that my doctor won't prescribe me but it's my right to take Accutane isn't it?? Who want's to use Retin-A or Differin....they are piece of crap! ~JiN
  11. Congrats for your clear skin! Man I can't wait until I start on Accutane. STOP MOTIVATING ME! LOL! Uhm....if you have been on Accutane for a month maybe you won't get an initial breakout. An initial breakout should have occured by now but in your case it hasn't. I'm not a pro on Accutane but usually you should of expereinced an initial breakout by now. ~JiN
  12. I might start using Accutane at the dosage of 10mg. I have really mild acne and oily skin. I was just wondering if this low amount of Accutane will cause any problems. Problems like a big initial breakouts and side effects. My friend has been taking Accutane 10mg for about a month and she never experienced problems and has gotten clear. What's your opinon about this low dosage? Actually wasn't there a post where low amounts of Accutane is just as effective? EUGH....I can't wait to get m