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  1. VIrginia….hmmm. I'm on the east coast. It would be worth the trip if it actually worked.
  2. Woah, wait, what?? I know about dermaflage. Ordered some, but got frustrated with it. The color match wasn't great, never managed to get it to look right. I ended up being MORE self conscious about my scars, bcs it looked like there was something in them. Eyelash glue, huh? How do you apply it? And can you wear makeup over it?
  3. Wow! Great results!! I had a derm do TCA cross on me…no difference that I could tell.
  4. I had one round of subcision with filler. Two of my scars are completely gone. I have two others that didn't respond…I was supposed to go back for a follow up appt, but I am rescheduling bcs 1) I can't afford another treatment right now, and the way I wear my hair does a pretty good job of camouflaging those particular scars 2) I am starting to see results from the micro pen + venus freeze. I looked in the mirror today and looked like I was wearing foundation! The spattering of individual scars
  5. Did you do a full face peel? Or just spot treat? I've heard promising things about interspersing rolling with peels...
  6. I went to him twice. Traveled from CT to visit him. He's got a great "bedside" manner and is very charming. However, not sure his treatment plan helped much. I went to him initially for silicone mocrodroplet. Had two sessions for my deepest scars. Did NOTHING. He had said I'd see immediate improvement. Also did a pass of fraxel on my cheeks. Meh. I ran out of money and out of patience for the commute into NYC. Maybe if I had more of both...
  7. Those before and afters are amazing. I would mortgage my house to have that treatment if the results were actually as good as that!
  8. WIshClean - yes, knowing the person face to face and getting to know them in person definitely takes the element of that feeling of rejection away if you are self conscious of things, like your skin. It also seems more natural. You know the person in context and things can develop more naturally. Good luck - hope you keep us posted! It's interesting. I had a needling appointment with a guy a couple of years ago. Great guy. I was talking to him a little bit about my skin issues and he said to me,
  9. Back to your original post…and maybe it doesn't matter anymore because you are over it. But I have a similar story. Reconnected with someone from my childhood. Constant contact. I mean, constant. Our fathers had both passed away, and for a couple of weeks, it was like an all day text session. And then, BAM, he disappeared. Contact fizzled to every 10 days or so. Fast forward a couple of months (hardly had any contact at all over the summer), I tried to re-establish contact (bcs our last text ses
  10. If she's your girlfriend, then at SOME point she's going to see your back or see you shirtless. Or feel you shirtless. The sun and salt water might help your back a lot. You can also make sure she's never directly standing behind you I guess. Are you treating your back with anything? (be aware of sun sensitivity) If it's super bad and you just can't deal with it yet, seems lie a lot of people are wearing rash guards these days...
  11. Did it get worse before it got better? I end up chickening out half way through any scar revision bcs I start thinking the scar is getting worse, so I stop! What was your experience with this??
  12. Hard to say…looks like the wounds are still healing…DON'T PICK OR SQUEEZE! I wish someone had shaken me by the shoulders and yelled at me to stop touching my face!
  13. This is what scares me about lasers…and really, all scar revision treatments. So scary to know there is the chance of making things worse. I had four fraxels when it first came out, and I still wonder if it has to do with volume loss to my face. I am in my early forties, and my face is aging much differently than anyone else in my family (Two brothers 9 and 10 yrs older than I am, 1 brother three yrs younger). I had two rounds of micro droplet silicone injections…the scars themselves that w
  14. Thats exciting, Poppy! I found a plastic surgeon nearby that will do excisions. So hard to find, bcs everybody is pushing lasers these days. And I'm not so impressed with lasers. Keep us posted! I am going to book a consult next week….your post inspired me to start looking at this method!