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  1. I don't think she was being stupid and thinking that it caused skin cancer.
  2. My BM kabuki brush did the same thing until I washed it. I will say one thing...even though BE isn't worth crap to me, they do make some very nice brushes.
  3. I really like their green powder foundation.
  4. Is it difficult to type out words or what? Took me a minute to figure this out.
  5. I wear everyday minerals. Very cheap. Lovely. Bismuth free, too!
  6. Where do you find it? Never heard of it before. Just about anyone makes it....Physician's, Cover Girl...I mean any drug store brand carries it.
  7. Be careful with BE or any mineral make up that contains bismuth. It can break you out and irritate your skin.
  8. BE contains bismut and that might be part of the problem. Maybe you shouldn't use a concealer that "heals". It probably contains salic acid or something, and you're already using BP. MK broke me out to no end. Try a moisturizing oil free gel. Bigelow makes a great one for oily skin.
  9. Ok so it's $60 plus shipping and handling if you have to pay for that...unless you go to Sephora. Granted you get brushes, nothing in that kit is full size. It's all sample sizes. I purchased the Everyday Minerals and paid $25. It included two foundations, concealer, bronzer, finishing dust, and kabuki brush, and everything was full size. BE isn't natural like they claim. It contains bismuth which can be bad for some acne prone people. It was for me, because it irritates my skin to no
  10. Physicians! Not perscriptions. Sorry. I prefer their powder over the cream.
  11. there are other products out there and regimens that work just as well rather than staining tons of shirts.
  12. I've had a few derms tell me to avoid Clinique products, too. In the past I've used their products. They're horrible. That stupid moisturizer that comes in the big yellow bottle is horrible for oily skin...which I have. It's a waste of money. Their foundations are terrible, too, but that's just my opinion. I've tried several of them that are suppose to be great for oily skin, and it did nothing but make my skin worse.
  13. This is why I hate this regimen.
  14. I like Perscriptions green powder. It's pretty nice. I really don't like the creamy ones.