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  1. im not on birth control and the spiro works wonders:)
  2. congrats thats awesome!!! can i ask which manufacturer you are using? it should say on the bottle
  3. thank you both so much for replying!! I'll have to look into that!! I think that could really help some of the blackheads on my nose And Valerie43 can I ask what manufacturer you are using?
  4. ive been on it for a little over three months and so far great results!! I mostly just have some red marks which are very annoying..any advice on those?? And i probably just need to give spiro a little more time to clear up the small pimples i get every once in awhile..how have you been doing on it? How many mg?
  5. okay thank you! I think I am over thinking it.....
  6. Hi all.. I just recently have been reading that different manufacturers of Spironolactone can have different results...anyone have any history of this? I am using the manufacturer Qualitest and some say this doesnt work as well....any advice/experience would be great!
  7. I agree with this 100%! How is the spiro working for you after this long??
  8. nope not at all! I am taking erythromycin now but I honestly think it is the spiro doing all the work..but its nice being on the antibiotic just for a few more months
  9. don't worry I think alot of us were like that when first starting as well! I do suggest an oral antibiotic I think that will help until the spiro kicks in. It definitely takes a good three months so you just need to persevere! I also think reading the reviews helped me alot during my bad breakout:) stay strong
  10. I am on spironolactone and have never taken birth control and it seems to do a great job controlling my hormones so you may be just fine!
  11. hey I am in the same boat as you! I just have some red marks from acne and want them to go away! Some people say it helped them alot..others say it makes it worse! I went the past two days and things actually seem to be getting slightly better but I will let you know what I think if I continue going..
  12. Ive only been on the antibiotic for about a week and i'm already starting to clear!
  13. Hi! So I started Spiro a little under 3 months ago and it has worked wonders! It definitely takes time though..I didn't see much improvement till about the 2 month mark..and even that was still little improvement. But it will work eventually! I started the spiro without any antibiotics but around the 2 month mark i just wanted to get on an antibiotic pill to clear up the remaining acne I had until the spiro really kicked in. I had been on mino before spiro and it worked wonderful for me! But
  14. im 17 and have been on it for a little over 2 months now! I started at 100mg and now i'm taking 150mg! So far it is going really well! But the key to this drug is patience! It will definitely be about 3 months till you see good results..perhaps take an antibiotic until the spiro really kicks in? Let me know what you decide!
  15. My body cleared up right away! Good luck!