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  1. My breakouts haven't completely stopped. I still get a few pimples/acne every few weeks but has been much better controlled. I bought my jojoba oil on organic online store. At times, I find that using jojoba oil makes my face feels greasy, and I don't exactly know whether it helps, but I would say, it's much better than the past when I wasn't using it. I do not have bumps on my face now. It did a great job in unclogging my pores but haven't been effectively removing my redness. As my skin is now
  2. I'm facing the similar situation as you and have been using jojoba oil to cleanse my face for 4 months. Jojoba oil will help hydrate your skin from all the harsh acne products used. It controlled my breakout but I'm left with nasty red marks that look like rosacea, making me look like i have chickenpox on my face I'm just praying that time will slowly heal these marks. Hope you find a solution and do share with me.
  3. yes for some but no for my current. I started to have a few raised bumps while using differin. So sad that I didn't manage to stick with it. But my tea tree oil is working wonders for me! I will still keep my differin for any future stubborn acne and use it as a spot treatment if TTO fails to work.
  4. Glad to hear that it works for u! My doctor doesn't have differin 0.3% and I think it might be too strong for me.
  5. Hi guys, I'm starting my own doxycycline + differin log here. I had mild acne in June. Went to the doctor because I have one irritating cyst that refused to go away. Initially, the doctor wanted to prescribe me differin 0.1% only but I felt that topical won't be as effective as consuming drugs. So I asked doctor whether he could prescribe me some drugs and I was given 100mg doxycycline 2x for 2 weeks to reduce the redness. I can't remember exactly whether my skin got better. I didn't stick t
  6. yellowhite

    Day 11

    Went for facial today and im starting to regret. Currently experiencing burning sensation on my face. I can tolerate facial extraction pretty well and have done it a few times. But this time round, my face feels tingling warm. It's weird. Spray avene thermal water and applied calming lotion. Hoping that my skin will calm down tml. She also extracted some bumps and now i have red marks all over my face. I personally find that my face has become better but my facialist says otherwise. She also men
  7. yellowhite

    Day 6

    I can feel another tiny bump on my red patch. Noooooo~ I'm so confused! Is the red patch PIH or is there really still some nasty thing underneath my skin that refuses to come out. Back to applying differin on that patch again. Ytd i also did a snail face mask thinking that it might lighten my PIH. Woke up this morning with a couple of pimples. GOLDEN RULE: NEVER TO PICK ON YOUR PIMPLE & STICK TO A SIMPLE REGIME. why do i never learn my lesson? My current regime: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanse
  8. In Jan 2013, I started having moderate acne. It started off with small white bumps and my texture of the skin just feel rough. It was mainly on my jawline and a huge cyst on my cheek. I went for facial extraction and my face was horrible after the session. But after a few days, the pimple scars healed pretty fast and I can put on minimal makeup for chinese new year. Religiously used rose hip oil to get rid of IPH and by May, it was more or less clear. I do have one pimple/cyst during the time of