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  1. It's hard to tell by your pictures but I would probably get the scars filled to get them even to the surface (it looks like they might be depressed). You can try temporary fillers first and if you're brave something more permanent. If you get the scars somewhat flat or level to the skin lasers could help a lot especially considering you're light skin color.
  2. Thank you for your reply "LIke Moonlight". Yes, if I were to do this I would be getting just one part of my face done but I'll need to clarify with the doctor about the sun exposure as the doctor emailed me that one would need to stay out of the sun for 12 months with gradual sun exposure increasing after that point. Seems like a huge hassle on the patient, especially for something that is still somewhat experimental. I've tried everything else and have not really been back to this board for
  3. Hi everyone, I have not been on here for many years. I recently read about Recell and emailed a doctor in the UK who performs. it. The price is incredibly expensive so I do not think I will be doing it. I was curious though. The doctor said that after having the procedure done (dermabrasion + recell) you have to avoid the sun for 12 to 18 months. I don't know if he was being literal or not but how can anyone avoid the sun for a year to a year in a half. Seems like a bit outrageous. Just
  4. Hi Adelia, I know you mentioned getting a full face CO2 laser done and having problems afterwards. I had 3 full face fraxel restore treatments and am having problems more than 3 years later. My pigmentation looks odd, like I have brown spots and certain areas on my face. Also, I am extremely sensitive to the sun, like my face will just heat up and these brown/red spots on my face will randomly appear. When I run and exercise or even get flustered at work my whole face sometimes gets red. Wo
  5. Hi Anti-Em.. the problems with silicone come and go, sometimes the tiny red bumps are there and sometimes they are not, its a difficult issue to solve. In terms of the restylane I think I am done with everything for a while. Also the doctor thought for some reason my scars were much more suited for collagen than any of the other fillers, he had access to all of them but that was just his opinion. I just want to get my original skin tone/complexion back that was destroyed by the fraxel laser s
  6. Hi Anti-Em, I had mainly ice pick scars and a few rolling scars. The subcision was for the rollilng scars. I found that it helped somewhat, I think I went to a decent doctor, but after time the scar kind of droops back down but I think slightly better than when you first start off. In terms of fillers, I had collagen which worked very well, the only problem was that for me it lasts not much more than a month. So I tried silicone, which gave me all sorts of bumps and redness, just a real mess
  7. Hi guys, I'm a semi-active member on this site. Havnt checked in a while and just wanted to give you guys my input advice based on my experiences. I got scarred really young age 13 from acne so it messed me up psychologically really bad. Everyone would say that its really minor, but for some reason that didn't enter my head so when I was 18 or so, I saw a couple of plastic surgeons who all said I wouldnt do anything, leave it alone. In hindsight, I should have listened. When I was 23 I fel
  8. Doggy, So Fraxel Restore was the only procedure that made your skin worse? Keep in mind though that if restore makes your skin worse, imagine how much worse it would be if you had repair done. Lasers work great for some people but the potential to ruin your face.
  9. I dont really come here too often anymore but just wanted to share my input. I started off with what most people would consider minor scarring but for whatever reason really traumitized me, I think because I got acne much younger than most (around 13 or so) and so I thought getting rid of the scars would be great in terms of putting a really bad time behind me. Well, let me tell you. After getting a huge number of different treatments, I look much worse now than I ever did. TCA cross was a
  10. I am not sure if your scars are red but I think its probably something to do with blood vessels. They are probably dilating in the cold cuasing the darker color. Not positive but I remember I have similar experiences. Maybe something to help with redness (blood vessels) can help, like IPL laser or Vbeam laser.
  11. its really hard to say, i personally have had problems with fraxel and the sun. there are people on this board who have had no problems. they do offer fraxel in asian countries so i cant imagine that those people can avoid the sun and warm temperatures for that long. but again i have reviewed this a lot and it seems to be a crapshoot, some people are extremely sensitive (like me), others not so much.
  12. Hi, I'm also Indian. Not too sure what pro-fractional is but I had the regular Fraxel I over two years ago. (3 sessions) It did NOTHING for any of my scars and left me with all these redness problems. I wouldn't get the fraxel I, i think now its called restore. Not sure about the other ones but I think ive heard better results from a sction laser somewhere on this board.
  13. Thanks for all of the replies I think you're right about the roasacea however the dermatologist is saying that I have developed rosacea like symptoms (he says its not rosacea) due the damage done when you have fraxel. I'll have to do a more thorough internet search because I dont know if getting laser treatments (vbeam) to get rid of the redness is just making thing worse. all in all, i would not recommend the regular fraxel to anyone, perhaps the CO2 fraxel might be better but with the regul
  14. Hi everyone,, I have posted about this before but didn't get many responses. First all, I would not recommend fraxel too anyone based on my experiences (i had the original fraxel done). I had 3 treatments done the last of which wqas a year and a half ago and it did nothing, absolutely nothing to any of my scars, ice-pick, rolling you name it. I am finding that my face gets flushed and red very easily since I have had the fraxel done. If I exercise sometimes or even feel myself getting frust
  15. I have been getting artefill treatments as well. I have had every treatment you can possibly think of with the exception of CO2. I have darker skin so this is not really an option for me. I tried fraxel and it is a waste of time and money. In my opinion, if I were lighter skin the best thing to to do would be to get a filler to make the scar as superficial as possible (however many number of treatments you need would be variable). I would follow this by a powerful ablative laser (CO2 or may