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  1. Thanks Willow! :D !!! That's great that you're clear! For me it comes down to laziness...I just don't have the engery to keep changing things, and keep it straight. My skin just likes those retinoids!
  2. Wow, I haven't posted in almost 4 months if I counted right! I've been wanting to update for awhile. I probably won't be on here much anymore (I guess that's good news, right? ). Never say never though... I might be trying retin-A micro soon, and would like to share that experience. Nothing has really changed since my last post in December. I have settled into products I'm happy with, and a simple routine. I still use the same soap from Avalon organics....love it, and its so cheap
  3. Hi guys, thanks for the input !!! I know Willow, it would seem that those oils could be bad. But they are saponified, whatever that means, and the soap isn't oily at all. There is no oily residue at all left over. The lather is so creamy! It it the least drying soap I have ever used, and my face isn't the least bit tight after. I don't think its contributing to the breakouts, because I'm still using it, and I'm clear, Yay! I'm now using Green Cream level 9 on breakout areas every da
  4. Skin Update My last cycle I had a couple really inflamed zits (a few weeks ago). So enough is enough! I'm back at war! The zits were small, but very deep, near my mouth, and appeared in places where black heads had been lurking for weeks or longer. They were so swollen, I had to drain them multiple times with a needle, and was treating them all day, every few hours, alternating between mandelic acid and neosporin. I had really slacked off. (I ran out of Vivant Exfol A, & I'm still
  5. Pam32570

    Product whore turns a new trick

    Hi Queen! :wavey: You must be online now, I noticed you just posted this. I haven't been on here in ages either! Its nice to see how you're doing. I'm sitting here with gobs of haircolor on, waiting my 25 min. so I can rinse. Too poor to afford salons these days... :cry: Yuck for you, that you have to endure those winters. I know it'll be worth it being near family, though!!! Nothing takes the place of family. My skin is pretty much same ol, same ol, that's why I don't post much
  6. I'm having major hormonal skin right now... !!!!!! Luckily the pimples aren't as big as they used to be while I'm consistenly using a retinoid and mandelic. *note to self - GET SOME ALEVE!!!!* I've got to try that stuff. Another helpful observation...I've been doubling up on mandelic and the vivant retinoid on the top of my nose only. Only do this where the skin can handle it, of course!! But I have huge pores here, and they always look clogged (gross), and I already notice a big imp
  7. Pam32570

    Willow's (Modified) Face Reality regimen

    This reminds me of my recent trip... those Diana Yvonne sample vials come in handy! I didn't want to check my face stuff either! Its all so expensive, so I threw a bunch of those little bottles in the dishwasher, then filled them with small amounts of my face stuff, just in case of lost luggage, etc. Travelling sucks! Its nice to see your seeing so much improvement since I last visited your log! Yay!! :D
  8. I just popped in for a minute. Not too much to report. I guess that's a good thing when we don't have much to complain about! I'm still using the same two main products. Vivant Exfol-A, and Garden of Wisdom 10% mandelic. Sometimes I don't even moisturize at night now if I'm in a hurry. My skin sensitivity and dryness has really corrected itself. I don't feel like I get any WOW days, really, ever. The overall tone doesn't thrill me, but I haven't been breaking out, so I can't complain
  9. Pam32570

    Product whore turns a new trick

    I was wondering the same thing Bobbi! Do tell, Queen!!!
  10. Pam32570

    Bobbi's log getting clear with the retinols

    Just dropping in for support!
  11. Pam32570

    Willow's (Modified) Face Reality regimen

    Hi Willow! Its nice to see you're doing well!! I'm still liking the Vivant Exfol-A. I use it twice per day on my worse problem areas, and it almost seems like its too mild now. I may step up to the strongest when I run out, or try a sample.
  12. Wow, its been a looooooong time since I posted in here! I went on a 10 day trip back east (upstate NY), from the 18th to the 28th, with three kids...it was insane!!! I am just now barely recovering!! The kids had to miss 7 days of school right when it started, so getting them caught up has been a nightmare too!! I really thought that after all this time, my skin would be much more dramatically different, as far as tone and texture. (although it feels very smooth, it doesn't look smooth!)
  13. Wow, everyone was having a rough time....wierd! Wilderness + acne routine = :wacko: The stock trading is very addicting and fun - thanks for asking! I'm working my ass off learning this stuff so I can quit my business. Unfortunately the market sucks right now, but I'm making some money! Thanks for the photo tip, although I don't know when I'll be up for taking new update photos. I will eventually! That's right, your concerts!! Hope they were fun! Hope you didn't get sunbu
  14. Pam32570

    Bobbi's log getting clear with the retinols

    Hi Bobbi! I love your doggie stories! I've never heard of a dog being attracted to metal, plastic, electronic devices, etc....lol, you'd think he'd go for more natural substances like wood, leather... At least he's not eating shoes...(or is he ??) I just had a new eruption of zits too, after a long period of being clear!! What's with that?
  15. Well, my record clear status is over. I have 5 zits at once, the most I've had in probably three months. The strangest thing is this has all happened starting the week after my period. I have no idea what is going on! This is way out of line with what my cycle has been doing for months and months! My only guess is that since I'm late thirties, my hormones are going haywire, and ovulation is messed up. I've been having lots of cramping, too. I also have little zits on my back and chest, which