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  1. Just wanted to add something.. bluehorseshoe is totally right.. confidence is the number one women attractor. If a guy is all self-concious it is not at all attractive to me. It may sound a bit corny, but I'm a HUGE fan of a good old handshake and introduction. It takes seconds, girls love it, and sooner than you know you'll be chattering away. I've always been partial to guys who shake your hand and introduce themselves.. I like them immediately. It's so nice to get a handshake, since for
  2. I'm 15 and a sophomore in high school. Having a great year so far! -Dork (Jen)
  3. Dude, don't think acne can stop you from getting a girlfriend. I've been attracted to guys with acne before, even pretty severe cases of it. If a girl really digs you, she'll see PAST that. Trust me, we're not ALL superficial bitches. -Dork (Jen)
  4. Okay, guys.. simmer down. Personally, I am a firm believer in evolution and in the "power" of nature and science. I've tried Catholicism before, but it simply didn't work out for me. Just thought I'd share my opinions on this (ongoing) topic.. Both belief in God and in Science requires some faith. No, I don't believe in God... I think that there was more to the creation of the earth than His absolute making of it. I can't see Him, or get any answers from Him, or have any proof that
  5. Hello! I've been doing the regimen for about a week now, and I'm definately noticing an improvement in my skin. I had the same problem as you when I first started with it, and now I think I've got it worked out. I only use the BP during the night (two fingers.. the full blast since it's not getting any during the day) and use the moisturizer at night. I am using the same products as you and I have light to moderate acne with combination skin, a bit more on the oily side. What you are de
  6. edwin- I'm sorry your parents aren't supportive. About the "creams are for girls" stuff, that's just bull. Don't listen to them. I understand what you're going through. I definately have to go through #s 2, and 4-7 on a daily basis!! My parents just don't get it. They're demanding, brutally honest, and have ridiculous expectations of me. My mom had perfect skin growing up, and criticizes my skin for every little blemish. She'll actually point it out to me if I have a zit or I'm br
  7. laz, I'm glad you stopped taking the steroids. I'm sorry you have to go through that... I'd probably recommend Accutane as others have for clearing your acne up. I never knew either that steroids could have an effect like that. Good luck and best wishes. -Jen
  8. Yes, I've watched the videos and read the instructions carefully. I was previously on Proactiv, so my skin was used to 2.5% BP, or so I thought. I also used the occasional 10%. The first 2 days I used the full amount (2 fingers). Then after feeling a little tightness, I decreased the amount to 1 finger. Then it started getting really dry. I skipped the BP for a day and a night, and used lotion to patch my skin up instead. After that (last night), I used 1 finger length, and the dryness ca
  9. I'm on my.. 5th?.. day of the regimen, and even though I read the expectations and it said there'd be some irritation and dryness, my skin seems to be taking it real hard. The BP burns for a while (15-20 mins.) after application, and my face has gotten so ridiculously dry and flaky that it hurts to open my eyes in the morning.. around my eyes, my mouth, and the sides of my nose are the driest. My skin is cracking and miserable. Today and last night I skipped the BP and just slathered on moist
  10. Hey everybody- I'm starting Dan's regimen tonight, I'm about to go out and buy the supplies. I'm gonna start with the full amount of BP because I've always used BP before in other acne treatments. I have some current pics that I'll post to keep you guys updated on my progress. I'm currently on Proactiv- which is gentle to my acne prone/oily/sensitive skin, but it's a little too gentle.. it's not doing much for my acne . I hate the sulfur treatment because it smells sooo bad. Okay, so