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  1. I started with quite a bit of bp because i had been using a 5% bp for a couple years already. i have only been on the regimen for a week and a bit, but i have extreme drying in my face. i have to apply a ton of moisturizer to make it look normal again. how long will this take subside?
  2. Hey Shy Girl yeah, i was using clean and clear persa gel 5, and now i am on neutrogena on spot stuff. maybe my skin did have a reaction to the new bp i am using
  3. Ok, i just started the regimen with Cetaphil cleanser and the 2.5% bp. but after the third day, my face got really red and felt like a sunburn. i am pretty sure its not the bp because i was using 5% before, so i am thinking it is the Cetaphil cleanser bar. has anyone had problems with it?
  4. I got my On Spot stuff from London Drugs, a little pricey, 8.99! I also got my Cetaphil cleanser from there, although i have yet to find Purpose cleanser anywhere, and i hear that is better than Cetaphil
  5. This site is amazing and Dan has deserves awards for his efforts
  6. I have been using Persa Gel 5 (5% BP) for about 2 years. I read that using the Neutrogena On-The-Spot which is 2.5% BP is initially better than using 5% or more. But would it still be as effective for me to go from 5% down to 2%? Thank You