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  1. I have the same problem as you...I use the Aztec clay mask with apple cider vinager. Doesn't fix it but does help a lot.
  2. I was the same way...was only able to do two months and had to stop due to weight loss.
  3. Hey guys I have a question. I'm on my second month of claravis and I'm wondering of anyone knows anything about peeling lips. I don't mean dry peeling lips I mean sticky white peeling lips. Like when my lips get wet the skin turns even more whit and can be rubbed off....is this normal?
  4. Congratulations, ur skin is looking good...I'm on day 30 of 40mg and ready to see some results like u!
  5. Just wondering what did they find out about the choking?
  6. Poor kid, hopefully it starts going better for him.
  7. Hey im getting ready to start accutane next week! I read ur first blog a while ago and really enjoyed it. I'll definitely be keeping up with this one also. Good luck! Oh and the reason I'm so interested in ur log is because we are close in age and our acne is very similar too.
  8. dicksonkylie


    What dosage were u on?
  9. Happy birthday!! I just turned 25 on the 14th also....hope u get to feeling better soon. Remember its all worth it in the end, hang in there.
  10. Hey emmygirl I was wondering about that insurance....was it hard to get preauthorized for the accutane?
  11. Hey just wanted to say I start accutane April 10th also and would love to keep in touch with our experiences....and for moral support, I'm nervous lol