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  1. I went into outer space twice by 14 with money i collected by selling cut-off toenails to kittens. i then went on to collect the little miss cliff award by dressing up as a goat as a pre-empertive strike... i knew the judges where all farmers! by 20 i moved in the very first computer generated home (Windows 98 version), bill gates was my lover and we played monopoly every night. dont preach to us tenshi.. my shananigan's will crush yours.
  2. looks like it. hah, ill be honest the thought didnt cross my mind. you dirty girl!
  3. i dunno.. i thinks its like voip or seomthing. free internet phone calls it said. its just a program like MSN me thinks, but with voice.
  4. i just downloaded it, i saw the ad on ebays main page and it caught my eye. i dont have anyone to talk to though
  5. i didnt go through councelling... i just turned up and said, i need accutane. and i got it.
  6. Sign the petition to get some down. #1: Mudman.
  7. I hate seeing my screen full up with those damn things, it really is a pain in the arsehole. As far as i can tell the only ones we need are the 'Board rules' and Trouble's depression thread, the other 3 are a waste of space. Narc's Warning level threads? we cant even see our warning level so we dont need to know.. if it must be pinned, pin it in announcments and only there. That 'getting to know emo' is " " = laughable. And, the the other one about coming powerful is just lies... i followed
  8. lets rebel againt the yanks. ill begin with burning down their precious mcdonalds's MWHAHAHAHAAH!
  9. Does anyone listen to this guy on his podcasts? they are legendary. I Listened to Gervais, Merchant and Pilkington way back in 2001 when they used to present the radio show XFM. I used to love karls antics and im glad hes becoming mainstream, hes one of the funniest guys in the media at the moment. Fudge all that US sitcom rubbish, this is unplanned and unscripted nonsence. "I could eat a knob at night" Anyways, if you wanna listen to these guys.. especially if your a gervais fan: http://
  10. Lets not confuse typing with speaking Anyway, I managed to buy some milk... and whilst i was in the shop i treated myself to a bag of walkers crisps, or as some of our cultured cousins call them 'lays chips' They were of the Prawn Cocktail variety. Thank you and god speed - MudMan.
  11. Thats because you cant read. I suggest you fuck off back to mcdonalds before you start having withdrawal symptoms. Yeeeehawww!