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  1. I bought 80% salicylic acid by mistake. Is there any useful treatment/peel for which I can use 80% salicylic acid? If so, how do I dilute? (Thank you.)
  2. 1.) Acne-causing bacteria flourishes in the intestines, so starting in your core take high doses of probiotics (found at health food store). 2.) St. Ives apricot peach scrub for acne is a great exfoliant and it's cheap. 3.) You def. need to get iSkin microdermabrasion kit. It made my skin even, small-pored, and stopped most of the acne except for the adult acne cysts. Use this twice a week. 4.) Get some 10% benzoyl peroxide zapzyt is the best. Use it sparingly, because it is dryi