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  1. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...ype=post&id=373 Logo on this looks a lot like the logo for Lingo.com
  2. Modern times? Just how long ago is modern? In the middle ages Vervain was used to treat acne. This is DOCUMENTED. Here is a little google search to prove that http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&saf...cne&btnG=Search So I think your asertation was that acne is caused by the modern diet with all of our sugars and saturated fats. However I don't think they had Snicker bars and McDonalds back in the middle ages.. however I could of course be wrong. Acne has been around as lo
  3. Keep taking the B5! VitaminShoppe has a good deal on 500mg capsules. They come 300 in a bottle for around $15-$20 (they are listed at $18.58 but some times they are on sale for $14 or so). I order two at a time online and it lasts a while. I was taking 20 pills a day but I cut back to 10 and my acne started coming back so now I'm back at 20 but planning to drop it to 15 and see how well that works. You should take 20 a day for at least 3 months IMO before trying to cut back. This stuff real
  4. Yeah some times it comes and goes. I had pretty bad acne when I was like 15 and then at around 16 it got better and stayed very mild until I was about 20 when it all of a sudden got 10 times worse! B5 has worked wonders along with the BP Gel.
  5. Also understand that it takes about 2 weeks for zits to come to the surface. So these zits actually started forming before you started with Dan's gel but just happened to come to the surface now. Personally I had almost 100% clear skin (taking B5 and using the gel) but recently had 3 zits come out of nowhere all around each other on my right cheek. Some times these things just happen. It's so frustrating though.
  6. What you are saying makes no sense. What is the info you are giving away (but not in a public forum but through slightly less public e-mail)? Is it a method, a product name or some paragraphs from a book? If it's a method, this isn't COPYRIGHTED... it's patented. Copyright is to preserve your original works such as writing a book or a piece of software. If someone wrote a book about the same thing or a piece of software that worked the same way, it's not an infringement on copyright if they
  7. I just don't get what the big deal is if you use this product. If you have Acne you aren't the only one! It's not like you have the plague. This is no different than buying hand soap or shampoo. Don't fret about it. I don't get why anyone would be embarassed to leave it in their bathroom. Is there a market for a giant lock box for the bathroom so embarassed people can put their tampax and acne products in the?
  8. Obviously some one didn't pay attention in economics class. Do you NOT understand the nature of capitalism? Some one sees the need for a service. They offer that service. The marketplace decides what it's worth and they vote with their pocketbook. Why offer the service? Because, 1. There is a need. 2. To generate revenue from the time/money invested in the given product or service. If you believe the service or product is over priced then don't buy it. Now you tell me what's wrong with "be
  9. If that were the case then EVERYONE would be breaking out.. serious. You really can't not do it.. if you don't believe me.. just try. Since pimples take like 2 weeks to develop I really doubt that you'd see an immediate difference anyways. I did hear it makes you go blind though