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  1. Hi there, I think most of you're scarring are icepick scars, so fillers wont do the job. I would advice youre to do some tca cross or punch grafting If you do decide to use some fillers, have a subcision first, altough subcision is not the best solution for icepick scars
  2. Hi, I would advice you to make sure that het color of the scar matches the color of the rest of your skin. This you can achieve the best with a good concealer. Before putting on your concealer or even your foundation, make sure that the scar is well hydrated and not flaky. Set with a transparant powder. After that you can try putting on a luminizing powder, this will reflect the light, and erase wrinkles and scars. !! The result will only be noticible in a certain light and at a certain angl
  3. 28 years old, white male, and I have my scars for about 10 years now
  4. Hi, I've been using MD Forté 30% since november 2005, with some good results; my red marks have become less noticable, pores look smaller and more even skin tone. However so far I ve haven't seen much impovement on my scars (2 rolling scars) I've recently had subcision, and my doctor told me that glycolic acid 30% will not improve scars... It will help prevent you from breaking out, and it keeps the skin looking young as well Greetz
  5. It's been 4 weeks since I had subcision (forehead and cheek). My forehead looks great, but my cheek gives me some worries. The swelling has gone, but the area still looks a bit red, and there are some marks where the needle went in...but that probably will fade... I'm more worried that the whole area (large scar due to cystic acné) feels quite hard, like a big lump....I 've seen here that other people have experienced the same thing...but can anyone tell me what those lumps are, and i've
  6. I 'm not sure that the whiteparts are scars, but they are probably layers of dead skin cells, because Accutane dries out the skin. I would advise you to gently exfoliate your skin, and use a good moisterizer afterwards. If your skin is ready for it, try using the MD forté toner 10% glycolic acid. It will help to prevent ingrown hairs, as well as your acné. Goodluck
  7. hi, The best way to get rid of your rolling scars, is to get a subcision and to fill in the rest with a filler. DONT waste your money on expensive creams, cause they won't work, and you'll probably end up having spent a lot of money while still having your scars...
  8. if you want to use a aha product, you should use glycolic acid. Its molecules are very small so it can easily penetrate your skin. You should gradually increase the strength of the product to get maximum results. The products of MD are great (MD forte 30% toner)
  9. i've had serveral cysts and had accutane 3 times, with success...however now i'be been using MD glycolic acid toner 30%, and it has done miracles....the remaining cysts have dissapeared, and it reduces the red marks as well.
  10. Hi, I've head cytric acne for about 3 years, and it has left some marks. Currently i'm trying subcision and fillers to get rid of my marks. However to cover them up i use the concealer from Coverderm, and it looks amazing. You can hardly see i Ve got it on. Make sure you get the right colour....and don't use to much it
  11. Hi, I had subcision done yesterday on my forehead and on my cheek. My forehead is barely swollen but my cheek a lot. My dermatologist told me to make sure there is no blood clogging, to press the treated zone... Is this lump blood or what is it????