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  1. Yea to my surprise it came to a giant head last night. The kind that was begging to be popped. Popped it and it went smoothly. Significantly reduced in size and pain. Now just putting neosporing on it at night and NSAID to help it heal and tea tree oil during the day. I think it was my training that made it more inflammed and painful than a usual cyst and that was what had me worried. Thanks guys ^_^
  2. Also a little bit more information. It didn't start out like it was going to be big. Usually you can tell that a big one is forming underground before it pops up. This one started off as a small little red bump that was hardly noticable with no forbodoing of it turning into the blob. Then in about two days it went from a small little red bump to what it is now. I'm not sure if this is just something that happens sometimes, or if my training irritated it to the point where it simply inflamed m
  3. So I've had this bad boy for about 3-4 days now. It is reasonably painful ( especially since I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and am constantly getting put in chokes which often end up hitting the affected area ) Been trying the ice/neosporin/NSAIDs and had basically no progress. Also tried Bye Bye Blemish 10% sulfur at night and still no progress. There is no pus in sight as of now, so I assume that means it's a nodule? If so, is it worth getting a cortisone shot for this? I've heard they are
  4. I have a basically full bottle of Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. It was opened at one point though. Basically the bottle is probably around 5 years old. There doesn't seem to be any expiration date on it or even anything on the back in terms of directions or even active ingredients. The substance seems to feel like normal lotion. I'd prefer to know though before I put it on my face and my skin falls off :] Thanks in advance.
  5. i usually shave with a soap so its all in one. if you use a gel im not sure. probably shave after cleansing so you are shaving an oil and dirty free face.
  6. shave before hand. its recommend you shave right after a shower with soap. then apply BP then moisturize. PS: get on that new moisturizer dan!
  7. whats aha souffle? i know what aha is but whats this souffle buisness? can someone link me to something on it?
  8. i used to get the really red sunburnt feeling affect pretty badly with the new gel with more perservatives. but this new batch with less perservatives is working really well. i used a full amount tonight and no redness. i like.
  9. did the new gel with the more perservatives give you the really red sunburnt effect?
  10. try it now klosot!!!!!! try it now!!!!!!! we need to know!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yes i mean the new gel that most peopel don't like. i really enjoyed the old gel aswell.
  12. Don't encourage dan to continue making this evil product you silly man.
  13. this makes me very happy in the pants danny boy. good to hear.
  14. Yea this is abosutley shitty. the new gel is awful. I also get the cherry red sunburnt effect. Dan has said he can't change back because he's ordered to many tubes. how much would it cost you to change back dan? maybe the forum members can have a donation drive or something. if not im going to have to find a new BP gel ;\ Also you could have both tubes for those who like the new gel or something? this way everyones happy.