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  1. LadyPink

    How I Cleared My Closed Comedones

    For all types of acne, marks and scars I get microdermabraison treatments to fix my problems. The treatment is very efficent after 4-5 sessions. It is costly, but I highly recommend it! My skin has started acting up again, and like everyone else, I am a compulsive picker and I caused a lot of redmarks and scabs on my forehead. I have a ton of closed comedones,enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts.... you name it, I have it!!!! I feel so depressed at times, but I'm trying not to let it
  2. LadyPink

    Diane 35 log

    Seriously, it is so important to me to have beautiful, smooth skin ... but not worth feeling so sick trying to treat acne! I called up my pharmacist and explained all my symptoms even after 3 months of use. He advised me to contact my doctor ASAP and change my BC pill back to Yaz. He told me it isn't normal to have ongoing symptoms for that long and as Diane 35 can cause health issues he wanted me off it. If you have persistent headaches, nausea, vomitting, hot flashes, weight gain, swelling
  3. LadyPink

    Diane 35 log

  4. LadyPink

    Diane 35 log

    Diane 35 has made me gain 8lbs in 3 months and I am definetely hoping the weight is going to stop. I am also having a lot of nausea and just feeling sick and tired in general... My acne is pretty good since I'm on it but.... I used to be on YAZ and it was just as good, but I was on it for 8 years and it wasn't helping my acne as much anymore so my doctor thought it would be good to switch because she thought my body was used to YAZ. I never felt bad on YAZ and had no weight gain!!!! I am think
  5. LadyPink

    Is My Life Over From Skin-Picking? (Pics)

    Your skin is totally fine, don't pick at something so small. It will just make the pimples get inflammed and red. Once this heals I am sure you won't even have hyperpigmentation!
  6. During treatment your skin is definetely going to change. You aren't in it long enough to actually see the great results. Everyone I know that has been on accutane had horrible looking skin, but had excellent overall results at the end. Do not give up, make sure your derm evaluates your skin condition on a regular basis !
  7. LadyPink

    My Skin Does Not Look Healthy And I Have Acne!

    Since I was introduced to Yaz birth control I can no longer live my life without it. My skin is close to flawless when it comes to break outs. I'm still struggling with hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores, but I am working on it ! Using pure Aloe Vera gel is really making my skin glow. The struggle is no joke, I know! Have you thought about seeing a nutritionnist? Simply to guide you with a new diet plan. Do you have any food intolerance? You need to find out what is going on internally!
  8. LadyPink

    Internal Cure For ACNE

    Great post, thank you for sharing ! Cleansing the body internally sounds like the plan !
  9. LadyPink

    Accutane Not Working

    I'm so sorry to hear that your skin isn't doing any better yet. Have you seeked advice from your dermatologist or even your pharmacist? Perhaps the dosage isn't right, they will be able to guide you the best way possible. Stay positive, good luck !
  10. LadyPink

    Severe Cystic Acne On Cheeks And Jawline

    I also get the cystic acne on my checks and jawline. I had found out that I have a lactose intolerance so it caused me to break out even more. I'm also on YAZ birth control because I have hormonal issues. I am almost 100% clear ! My doctor has prescribed a retin-A cream for spot treatment and it's good for the hyperpigmentation and other skin imperfections. I moisturize my face with pure Aloe Vera gel and I always use unscented products to avoid skin irritation.
  11. Listen I know how hard it is, especially when you have been battling acne/scars/hyperpigmentation for years. I also have lost hope, I had depression and suicidal thoughts just like everyone else! Don't give up on yourself, there is a cure! You need to dig further into the problem. You need to get doctors to follow up with you, get blood tests done and other tests that can give you indications on what is going on in your body. You need to see if your body is lacking something, or if your hormon
  12. LadyPink

    I Finally Cured My Back Acne!

    Wow I am so happy that you finally found a solution. For me it's Yaz birth control that helps me the most! I tried stopping it two months ago and I ended up getting serious cystic acne not only on my face, but EVERYWHERE on my back and chest! Even some on my neck and along my hairline? No way, I can't stand the fact that i'm even worse then I was before. So I got right back on YAZ and my face has cleared up after two weeks. My body acne is clearing but really slowly! My back still has red p
  13. LadyPink

    Why Is My Skin Peeling Off?

    True, maybe with time the skin will adapt to it. But I know it is totally normal even with my regimen my skin gets really dried out!!!
  14. LadyPink

    What Should I Do With All These Scabs?

    Yes that take a couple of weeks to heal properly be patient! Picking only makes things worse....
  15. LadyPink

    Why Is My Skin Peeling Off?

    Yes it's normal because the products are strong and it dries out the skin badly. Have you tried applying pure Aloe Vera on your skin ? Maybe this regimen is too harsh for your skin, have you tried other acne products ?