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  1. can i use a clean needle and poke a lil at the cyst to relieve those crap outa it? or not advisable to poke a cyst?
  2. My right cheek grows a big red inflammed , not too soft or hard bump . Anyways to deal with this... this shit is getting me depressed..... I had apply ice on it before and it only help to reduce the inflammation slightly. Guys any ways? Thanks
  3. yes the skin around it will be red 2xAHA a day won't be harsh on yr skin? yea, im kind of suprised....i have really white and sensitive skin, but using it 2x a day hasnt been a problem. the kind im using is just the walgreens brand 8% aha lotion, and i only use a really small amount that covers the mark and rub it in a second. i think because i use a normal mostorizer and aloe vera that the mark is mostorized enough that it doesnt burn it to bad. but it actually stung last night for th
  4. yes the skin around it will be red 2xAHA a day won't be harsh on yr skin?
  5. hmm a lil off topic...... is red marks and blemishes meant the same thing?
  6. After reading for a certain time in the forum I see that some people recommend: 1. Aloe Vera Gel 2. Retin A 3. Neosporin ( but can't purchase locally ) 4. AHA lotion Does all the above help in fading red marks? I'm not saying totally remove the red marks but at least fade a lil
  7. I got a AHA lotion with me that came with a box. Directions on the box are recommended to use "once" a week. But the directions on the lotion bottle itself says recommend to use once daily for 2 weeks, twice daily thereafter... this made me confused. so which directions should i follow? daily or weekly?