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  1. Howdy. Went on 4.5 month of accutane 3.5 years ago and it worked wonders. Completely cleared the mild acne on my face and moderate acne on my back. The kicker is that I've had red marks on my back ever since. I've given it 3 years but they still haven't gone away. Because of their location, it is difficult to apply creams etc, so I am looking to other treatments - peals, lazers etc. Has anyone used any of these to successfully treat scars/marks? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. I'm an idiot. I have lots of red marks on my back - I went out in the sun only intending to stay out for 10 minutes and fell asleep with my top off. Ive now got sunburn on my back and all of the red marks that are within the sunburn, have swolen up. They used to be flat and light red, now they are extremely raised, almost like active acne. Ive been putting lots of aloe vera lotion on. I dont really care about the sunburn itself as its not that bad (it doesnt really hurt) but I really want to r
  3. Hey - I just finished my course of accutane two weeks ago. A couple of days ago I noticed a few red bumps on the sole of my foot, and then I realized that there were loads of tiny bumps under the skin of the palm of my hands. The bumps on the sole of my foot look like spots, while the ones on the palm of my hand are very hard to see but I can feel them. At first I thought it was athletes foot, but after doing some internet research it might be dyshidrotic eczema, which I assume was caused by t
  4. Well Ive had the current ones for monthes and they have barely faded. I'm going away on holiday so I'm going to be in the sun whether I like it or not. So I may as well tan before I go, as I'm going to be in the sun when I get there anyway. I dont really mind if tanning adds a bit of time onto the recovery process. I just want them disguised for the beach! I'm dreading it to be honest..
  5. I would never get a spray tan/use fake fan because it looks fake...and icky. In my opinion of course.
  6. I should also add - Im 2 weeks off a course of accutane. When I asked about my red marks, my dermotologist said that getting some sun will help them. This is the opposite that Ive read on here - thats why Ive made this thread.
  7. Heyo - Im well aware that tanning does nothing to hide red marks in the long term - what I want to know is, will it help disguise them in the short term ? Ive got red marks on my back, which are pretty faded - I'm going away for a beach holiday in 3 weeks and am considering going to a tanning place (sunbed) to try get a base color to disguise the red marks. Is there any point in doing this ? (Ive never been to such a place before) I dont really care if it makes them fade slower as I live in a
  8. From what Ive read - tanning will make it look better in the short term as darker skin will help hide red marks. In the long term, it will take longer for the marks to fade.
  9. To clarify - the 'not powder' comment was in relation to getting baking soda rather than baking powder!
  10. He/She is referring to a three step regime that a lot of posters seemed to get results from. 1) mix a few tea spoons of baking soda (not powder) with a small amount of water to make a paste. Apply this to red marks and wash off immediately. 2) mix apple cider vinegar with equal parts water and dab on red marks. Leave for 10 minutes then wash off. 3) mix egg white with a few squeezes of lemon juice. Whisk up until it becomes frothy and apply to red marks. Leave for 10 minutes and wash of
  11. Ive been using it for about 5 days. I think its had a positive effect but its hard to say. I'll post back here after 2 weeks.
  12. Yup! They are on my back so I wont be getting topless too much during winter. Just want them gone for the summer months.
  13. ...which sounds pretty good to me! So if you get a tan, the red marks are disguised. That will do.