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  1. @elkhoundgold: thanks for replying. It always makes me feel a little less alone in this battle when there are people like you guys out there that can empathize. I have been careful to watch for any side effects, but to be honest, I felt more side effects during the first month at 60mg than the 100mg. Probably just my body getting used to the drug. @megtree: you're right about it being irregular for such a high dosage. I scoured the logs and there's only a handful of people who have been
  2. Hey everyone, I've been lurking for a couple of months now, finally got the urge to post my own log. I'm a 28 M, had very clear skin until I was 23. Never really even had a single breakout up until then. About a year after I graduated, I decided to forgo the standard corporate route and decided to try to start my own business. After an extremely stressful deadline for a project, I started breaking out, and it hasn't stopped since. I've tried changing my diet to the point where I'm only