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  1. I didn't know acne could last in your 60's... but thanks for sharing this info and I'm happy for you. Can you please share the following: Brand and model of the probiotics and fish oil you take Your keto diet resources Your skincare routine Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello. I'm in Toronto too, have you here arrived yet? As far as I know the top derm clinics here are AvantDerm and the Canadian Dermatology Centre in Don Mills. Google them up for more info. You need a doctor's referral though so set an appointment with one first, and ask for a referral. After that you can schedule your visit to the derm clinic. If you have OHIP the consultation should be covered. Keep me posted. Good luck.
  3. Heey! I can't believe you're thinking like this already without even trying it for the prescribed amount of time it's supposed to clear you. I've started it 3 months ago and I can definitely say it works, but im not 100% clear yet as Ive been inconsistent. I'm 24 and still have jaw line acne so I know this is not puberty. I've been where you been and tried a lot, and this is the cheapest method I've done so far and I believe if we follow the instructions to the letter, we'll get cleared eventual