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  1. My regime is awesome, seems to be working, after the 5th day ive noticed much difference morning. wash face with cetaphil cleansing bar - wash off make a baking soda mix with water, massage with fingers on face, and then wash off once done put bit of apple cidar vinegar in cup, put more water than acv, and then use cotton bud to apply to entire face wash off acv after 10-15mins make egg white mask, put in a bowl egg white and drops of lemon (lemon squeeze mix works fine), whip it up and then ap
  2. Hi all Im new to the forum and I have an appt to see the derm on 24 feb. My GP told me the derm will most likely put me on accutane, although my acne is not that severe on my face, but I do have it mainly on my back and shoulder region, and that no over the counter prescriptions are working for me. Ive been taking minomycin tablets and using BP (benzac 10) for a while now, it cleans up some facial acne, but it doesn't stop it. I have a question although before I begin the accutane experience