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  1. sweetxsour35



    Even though I was skeptical about putting something so greasy on my already oily skin, I heard good things and decided to go through with using it. My skin used to be flaky (yet somehow still oily) from the products I was using because I wasn't using a proper moisturizer. This cold cream takes care of that on top of cleansing, so now I can use my benzoyl peroxide without feeling like I'm destroying my skin. Within the first week, my cystic acne turned to whiteheads and popped on their own and I
  2. Works fine

    Doesn't over moisturize which is great for oily skin. It has salicylic acid which isn't really necessary if you're using a cleanser or cream with something similar. I also use Clean & Clear's persa gel and when I use them together, I break out more easily so I never mix them anymore. Overall, good moisturizer but be careful what you mix it with.
  3. Best product I've ever found

    Starts drying up and shrinking pimples within the first night, easily the quickest results I've seen yet. But you will need a moisturizer because it is drying.
  4. Very Healing, Gentle, and cheap

    I tried an oatmeal mask that had lemon juice and tomato juice in it, and while the mask was great for my skin, it was time consuming to make and use. Later, I tried cutting a cherry tomato and rubbing it on my face in problem areas. I had a ton of scars from having a bad habit of picking at my skin, and now after using tomato juice for a few months now (I don't use it consistently), my scarring is healing. My skin is more even and smooth in places it was red and blotchy. What I usually do is a f
  5. So I'm guessing you're not allowed to use makeup at all on this regimen? I would like to start as soon as possible but I don't finish school until May (six weeks out) and I'm not sure if I want to finish off the semester looking like a pepperoni pizza. If makeup is allowed, is it only organic? Do I have to just clean it off with water?
  6. sweetxsour35

    Great for Sunburn

    Great for Sunburn

    Works better than lotion after spending a day outside. Soak a towel in iced green tea and pat the sunburn, it lightens a few shades in as little as 10 minutes. If I know I'm going to be in the sun, I keep a pitcher in the fridge beforehand, because it takes a bit of time to cool.
  7. Amazing and Simple

    Cheap and easy to find Effective Harsh My skin is very pale so you can see redness very easily. I came across an oatmeal mask recipe that had lemon juice and tomato juice as ingredients. While the mask was amazing, it did take a long time to make, so I figured I'd use the ingredients individually. The lemon juice fades redness really well and shrinks pimples also. It can be harsh, especially for sensitive skin, so you can try diluting it with water or use a smaller amount. What I do is I cut a s
  8. Goes on smooth, but very greasy

    wide variety of shades layerable Needs powder to set Greasy My skin used to be more oily before I switched my cleanser, so when I tried this foundation, it had a tendency to turn my face into an oily mess and I haven't used it for a few months. Even now that my skin isn't so oily, it has trouble staying on. I haven't tried using a powder on top, but I plan on doing so. Despite these problems, I think it's a pretty good foundation. It matches my skin tone so well. I know some others have said it
  9. Love!

    Cleans really well Smells good Inexpensive Drying This cleans my skin really well and while it isn't for clearing acne, it is good enough at getting the dirt out that pimples don't really pop up anymore. My only problem is that it is drying, and while my skin is usually very oily, I've had to start using a moisturizer. It's not really a big deal for me since I've been looking for a product like this for a while now. The thing it tends to do to pimples is dry them out and shrink them. I had a lar
  10. Not Enough Coverage

    Light and natural Moisturizes well Expensive Not full coverage Someone at Ulta recommended this to me and I brought it home under the impression that it was full coverage. It wasn't. You can layer it on, but if your acne is bad enough, even twenty layers of this won't do the job. It does what it says though, moisturizes and evens skin tone. So if you're looking for a light, natural, moisturizer that you can put on quickly, this is the one. However, in the summer when my skin gets more oily, it d
  11. Not that great

    Drying and does next to nothing. It does help with large pimples but doesn't work on blackheads (or anything else).
  12. Irritating

    I realize now that any scrub is too harsh for me and even though it gets rid of the dead skin and smooths out blackheads, it caused me more acne. I ran out of this particular scrub once and discovered on accident that it was bad because after going days without it, I started to clear up. Never buying another "scrub" again.
  13. My Favorite Mask

    Good spot treatment Healing Natural Expensive Drying Hard to remove I have never been a fan of masks, but this one actually seemed to heal my skin the most. I had a lot of scarring and large pores before I began using it. The scars would make me look like I had more acne than I really did, and this mask healed them a lot. Rating it only three stars because it kind of lost its effectiveness after a while and I use it only on my worst days. It can be drying as well, so if you don't have extremely
  14. Just Okay

    Gentle Smells good Clears acne well Not for moderate to severe acne Wasn't harsh or irritating, but also it didn't totally clear my skin. It would be partially smooth and clear in some places, but I would still get bumps. I assume it's pretty good for mild acne.
  15. sweetxsour35

    Do not buy

    Do not buy

    Reddens skin Irritating Expensive First time I used it, it caused all my blemishes to get red, irritated, and itchy. It was on sale so fortunately I didn't pay as much as others did, but I'm sad because it's still a waste. Bought it on a whim and realized after that I should've checked the reviews. Never making that mistake again. Also think I'm allergic because it's made my skin itchy all over.