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A okay product
Makes Face Feeling Fresh scrubs away the dirt leaving face clean easy to use caused burning after countinues uses may leave scarring When I first bought this product, it did help with my Acne and reduced the inflammation, but after just 2 months.. it actually started to burned my face so i reduced it by just once a day instead of the morning/night routine that was prescribed on the back of the product. It smells great and leaves you're face refreshing, but for some reason it will not control it.

By AlexZero2014,

Skin Burns Face Leaves Scars afterwards
None Leaves Scars Afterwards Red Spots Black Spots Irrates Skin I started Proactive when I was 18 thinking that it would heal the acne that was coming out... I was dead wrong... instead it made me break out even more with a irritation that was unbearable. The lady at the mall kept saying to use it cause you're skin will get use to it "yeah right" after i came back, she told me "ohh proactive is not for you're skin then" waste of money and very expensive too

By AlexZero2014,