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  1. I been reading that tea is a great way to reduce the appearance of acne plus acne scars? my question is what *brand* of tea should I buy since I have not drink tea in such a very long time.
  2. @AquaPrincess9 I get one or two pimples if i don't take care of it, but nothing serious like before. I do have scars that I been trying to fade away and I'm trying to find any more good information on how to reduce the appearance. I heard green tea is good, but i don't know what brand and also I wonder if milk makes pimples come out?
  3. I hoped it heal, i know how tough it is to have a pimple that won't heal and fear it will turn out into a scar later on.
  4. Welcome Back Alyssa! I was wondering if you had forgotten about this site, but glad to know you're still alive : p Man that really stinks that you're leg had to get injured like that : ( I hope you are able to heal it up again very soon since I would hate to see you miss out on all those Marathons you would of enjoy to have run. Don't lose hope!!
  5. One suggestion would be to lower the use of BP to a minimal amount I remember that at one point I was getting so many flakes in my face, the thought of swiping my face with my hand would cause the flakes to appeared instantly. I just started to use a small about of BP and LOTS OF MOISTURIZER to heal my skin. This upcoming month, the flakes have died down and I am now using Aha+ and Jojoba Oil in my Regimen and have done wonders, if you won't use Aha then consider using Jojoba oil cause it sa
  6. AlexZero2014

    Current me

    I feel more confident taking Pictures, Love the Regimen.
  7. *nods* thanks for the advice on the Aha+ I will becareful on applying it and will try to put just a small amount so it won't burn my skin. I have just have to wait for my upcoming check to go and buy it lol ;; Hopefully the flakes will die down or I might have to change cleasner even though i don't want that for fear of breaking out again. Still cheers on clear skin Now take many pictures to always treasure them and to get amazing compliments hehe.
  8. How did you use it? did you do the AHA+ 2-3 times a week or dispense 1/2 AHA+ and 1/2 Moisturizer into your palm, mix, and apply every night? Also i read that you used different cleansers? does that mean you never used Dan's cleanser? Could that be the reason why my skin is drying out and I'm getting skin flakes? because that's the only negative thing that I noticed about using all three dan's cleanser, bp and moisturizer.
  9. Congrats on you're journey on clearing up you're skin, it looks amazing and I'm glad to see you happy from the results I am only 4 months into it and I have noticed a lot of improvement, it sucks that I didn't know about this product sooner, it would of help me and it would of change my life into a different direction. All I could do is try to improve what skin I have left and try to made the ""scars"" less noticeable. I really must get the Aha+ perhaps that will help a small amount.
  10. Believe Everything Happens for a reason, If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.

    1. The Pain to one thing is over.... another one has started *sighs* -_______-

      1. How did you use it? did you do the AHA+ 2-3 times a week or dispense 1/2 AHA+ and 1/2 Moisturizer into your palm, mix, and apply every evening?
      2. lol same here xD I was about to ask if you still get the flakes? I been thinking of purchasing Aha+ or Jojoba Oil, but I don't know which one is good for the flakes btw I'm happy you are 100% clear, If I had to guess on my skin, I think I'm 60% around there.The regimen did wonders for my acne and reduce some of the scars apperance making it smooth looking.
      3. 125lbs by the end of this month? hmm...

        1. It's going to sting for a bit, but if it's burning like crazy and won't stop even after you have used the Moisturizer for the last step then you're either putting on way too much BP or you're rubbing too much when you're applying it. Just put a small dab on each side of you're face and gently spread it at least 4 times with you're finger and just let it dry out on it's own.