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    I didn't want to share my B day but as of opening my account Dec 2013 I am 33
  1. Hi, I am new on here and with posting in general. I figured I'd just share something I tried recently that I don't see has been written about much so I thought to recommend others to consider trying what had recently helped me primarily with cystic acne but also moderate acne from hormone changes due to significant stress and just getting older, Im 33. My face would just start to itch before a break out and all this acne consistency is new to me (past year) and I am the type to research and tr
  2. Try a product from GNC- Grandpa's brand, it's a bar in a box and stinks like Sulfer but it worked for me. Im picky and usually think the most expensive products would have more potential but turned out not so when it came to paying only about $6 for the results I had so quickly. And some of it was large cystic acne too from hormone changes due to significant stress. The kind of acne that made my face itch. Give it a try, I specifically signed up to share what worked for me that is not well k
  3. Sulfer is good stuff

    I am new on here and clicked to review Sulfur and this product came up so I will just tell you, I am 33 and the past year have been dealing with hormone changes from just getting older and significant stress, like house fire stress. Even been dealing with cystic acne. Out of all the products and or a couple prescriptions even, I found a product that worked right at the first day and maybe by day 3 for the cystic types I could almost peel away the dried out pimple. The product I found was at
  4. Kfelix

    Past experience

    Past experience

    What I remember most about this product is I had colored pillow cases and this product bleached them, not white but lightened the fabric quite a bit. Took me awhile to figure out the cause.