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  1. 11/12/19- Still on 125 mg Spiro daily user since 2013 and clear Sharing an UPDATEe on my progress and journey with my skin. This past year earlier in the spring of 2019 I experienced a flare up in my inflammatory acne. I was able to uncover the cause, but it wasn't until I was deep in the purge that I found answers. Last fall 2018 I had started using a Tula moisturizing face cream and didn't realize it had retinol in it, like really???? How could someone who is SO on top of skinca
  2. Hello my friends!! I know today may not be the best day that you are having, but I hope you can find some peace in the moment.  Meditation has had a huge impact on building up confidence, removing the PTSD that acne left me with and helps regulate my tendency to anxiety.  I wanted to share with you a youtube meditation that can help you especially when you are focused on your acne.  I am a Certified Meditation Teacher and can't begin to say how much it's made an impact on my life (outside of all of your support and GREAT acne treatments).  Happy FriYay 



  3. Hi there! Well, I recently had some challenges with over exfoliation. I use the Acne.org Glycolic acid and was not using a moisturizer and was also doing weekly peels. HELLO crazy red, dry, flaky and irritated skin. I did a ton of research to find a PH balanced oil free cleanser to help repair my barrier. Cosrx Good Morning Low PH cleanser has been a God send. Within less than 5 days my skin is hydrated but not oily, the clogged pores that were created by dry skin are either disappearing or
  4. Hey there! I read your treatment plan and I'm following something similar. I suffer from hormonal, cystic acne. I am on spiro 150mg/day, limiting meat; hardly any red meat; mostly turkey and organic chicken if any meat at all. Dairy-free and trying to limit sugar. Things seem to be heading in the right direction! 

    I'm on the hunt for products..I have a face wash that I love but I am looking for foundation, powder, blush and sunscreen. I'd love to know more about your endocrinologist and hormone balance path...I'm reading a lot of books on it but the information is overwhelming. TIA!

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    2. Jenna34


      Thank you, Liz!! 

    3. Jenna34


      Hey Liz,

      So I am still on Spiro and have completely cut out diary, red meat and gluten and sugar. My acne is not better so I am trying to cut out meat altogether...I have read a lot of negative things about soy...did you feel the same way? That's the only thing that keeps me from cutting meat out entirely.  



    4. CarpeMomentum


      Hi Jenna!  Honestly soy has helped me, with PCOS my hormones are all out of whack and I am not on the pill.  The soy has helped me balance my periods to normal which is great.  No issues at all, I am 37 and find that it keeps me getting enough protein.  

  5. Thank you so much for sharing that. This forum and community really helped me through some of my most challenging times. In the end Acne has made me a better person, more caring, kind, compassionate and understanding of the pain that others can go through. It has led me to faith, finding inspiration, motivation and a higher purpose. It has not been an easy ride at all, but making the most of every day and learn more and more about the ability to overcome anything that gets put in your path.
  6. Hi there! hopefully this makes you feel a bit better. I started Spiro back on 12/2013 while also on Yaz/Yasmin. Unfortunately a few years in I had to get off BCP due to severe migraines and aphasia. I actually increased my spiro does by 25mg to make up for the removal of the Yas and the transition was great. At that point, I did not have an additional breakout or purge. I feel like if I were to try for a baby, I would also wait until I was close to get off spiro. Hope that gives you some in
  7. Fellow PCOS survivor that chose to use BCP and Spiro to get my hormones balanced and clear. Now only on Spiro, non-dairy, no meat or sugar and things are good. Using the right products is essential to success with any treatment. Going to an endocrinologist that tested all of the hormone levels is one of the best ways to understand the imbalance that is taking place. My biggest indicators of PCOS were irregular periods, anxiety, issues sleeping, oil skin, excessive fine baby hair on my face
  8. Same thing for me! I started at 50 and Yasmin, moved to 75 and Yasmin, and have been on 125mg and no Yasmin for several years and each time I had a "purge" adjustment that actually took a month or up to 3. So keep a good routine that exfoliates and working on the PIH and you will get there. I have faith so much in this product, as I have been on it for 5 years and it's magical. I wish you all the best in your journey for this long term healing that you are working towards.
  9. Hi doll! I am sorry you are in a place where you feel like you have to make a decision between clear skin, or trying for a child. I have followed a few women that were in the same position as you who chose to go on accutane so that they could be clear for pregnancy. Having a child may actually change your hormones again, and you could find clarity you just never know how your body will react. I have PCOS, am off birth control, but have been on Spironolactone for 5 years and it continues
  10. Hello my lovely Acne.org friends. I am back here, joining the fight once again. I am on Spiro for the past 5 years and have had great success. Winter months in New England have always been super harsh on my skin and this year was no exception. I started noticing eczema spots off and on the past few years, elbow crease, arm, eye lid, nothing too extreme that wouldn't go away with moisturizer. This past September I experienced a bad reaction to the Acne.org Glycolic. I put it on way too
  11. Hello my lovely Acne.org friends.  I am back here, joining the fight once again.  I am on Spiro for the past 5 years and have had great success.  Winter months in New England have always been super harsh on my skin and this year was no exception.  I started noticing eczema spots off and on the past few years, elbow crease, arm, eye lid, nothing too extreme that wouldn't go away with moisturizer.  

    This past September I experienced a bad reaction to the Acne.org Glycolic. I put it on way too soon after a hot sweaty workout, and bam red burning face all day that lasted another day or two. Note, at the time, I didn't realize this is what happened.  Instead I panicked thinking it was an allergic reaction.  I adjusted my routine, and started using a tula lotion on my redness.  FUN FACT only after months of trying to sooth the dry did realize the cream  ended up having retinol.  How did someone who was so so so on top of her routine, not know there was retinol in her product???  There is nothing wrong with retinol, but I thought I was treating already red/dry skin with something soothing and that was not the case. It has taken me months to realize this and beating myself up.

    I had stopped doing my weekly chemical peels as I didn't know how I could stop the redness, I started using all kinds of masks that had oils in them.  So you can imagine what happened.  I had some red patches from the retinol around my mouth, and now dry skin was starting to clog due to the oils.  Me and oil are not friends haha 

    So what does this mean.  Well, it has meant a few months of confusion, trying everything, feeling a bit of PTSD from the last time I was breaking out on Spiro, but now I know the darn cause.

    I started the peels back-  2 1/2 weeks now, which is slooooowly clearing the clogs which remain on my chin.  Such a fun reminder of what it's like to experiment with products not good for my skin.  I have complete faith I will clear back up my complexion, balance out the dryness and have an even better glow and tone.  And as a back up, I plan to see a dermatologist to talk about potentially starting Retin A or Retin A micro to clear any remaining clogs and get me on the no wrinkle train.  My skin has 2 active spots (1 from a whitehead I attempted to clear, always a mistake) another one came up from the retinol.  I have a constellation of clogged pores on my chin that I plan to continue my peel and heal process the next month or so.

    I wanted to return here to give everyone a reminder that you are perfect exactly as you are today, that we have each other, that getting clear is ABSOLUTELY possible.  If you were born clear, you can get back to it. It comes down to paying attention, to labels, to your skin, to what works for YOU.  

    I am clearly changing my moisturizer to a new Tula Gel moisturizer, probiotic that is oil free and will be switching to a more gentle cleanser COSRx Ph morning gel.  I will give updates and send encouragement and all kinds of good vibes to your healing.  

  12. I would honestly look at removing the coconut oil from your routine. Try it for a week and see if things calm down at all. I literally can not get any oil on my face or a chain reaction starts. Squalane has been the only face oil that works and is amazing!
  13. Hi there! Chiming in as a long term Spiro user 125 mg now about 5+ years and clear. PCOS, hormonal acne etc. Sugar and dairy are the main culprit for any of my breakouts (VERY rare). Sugar actually being the worst offender. Outside of that I have a few questions/suggestions: Do you have a exfoliation regime? I have faithfully used MUAC (Makeup Artist Choice) Mandelic/Salcylic peels weekly to clear congested skin, help any PIH or Scars Do you have hormonal acne and also other clo
  14. I wish I can say I was clear quickly, however I had pretty consistent breakouts for the first 4-5 months. First 3 months were inflammatory and following 2 were clearing of clogged pores. Is there a reason you need to be on such a high dose, are you also on BCPills? I am diagnosed PCOS on 125mg for about 5+ years now. I started at 75mg with Yasmin, then 100 no Yasmin, now settled at 125mg to remain clear. Broke out each time I increased.
  15. Sending positive vibes that your spiro journey is going well! It has changed my life in so many ways and given me confidence and freedom. 5 years later I am so thankful for discovering this solution to the challenges of PCOS. Stick with it wherever you are, if you can personally, the bright side at the end is worth it.