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  1. @beautifulambition Hi! I'm curious if you know any news whether Dr Rullan is still planning on retiring sometime soon. I know his daughter is supposed to take over but hoping to get a chance to go down there. Had a subcision session with him in late 2016. Definitely want to come back again! @mimitran, I have similar scars and I'm in the bay area as well. Not so many good doctors here. Did the research back then and realized it's worth the trip to SD. As of lately, it's just trying to get
  2. Congratulations on the improvements! I was just wondering what mm length do you use when needling for your forehead, temples, and cheeks. And whether it's safe to do the nose. I've been doing 1.5mm on my cheeks, 0.5mm on my forehead and 1mm on my temple but it only bleeds a little but hurts so much.
  3. Did you use any topicals to help speed up the healing process of your hyperpigmentation (red marks) or no? Because I hear time heals red marks but I'm not 100% sure if it works since some people have red marks for over 5 years. Most likely the sunscreen helped though.
  4. Since it appears that you have asian skin like me, may I ask how you managed to balance your skin tone? As in, evening the your facial complex so that the post-hyperpigmentation marks are subsided. Thank you, and I hope you continue to update us!
  5. This may be a lot to ask, but can list the type of topicals that you used before and after your dermapen sessions? Also, on owndoc, there's two different types of dermapens, which include a 12 or 35 needled pen. Which is more beneficial? Congrats on your amazing results!