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  1. Hi, Has anyone bought online from european-pills.com. Their prices seem good at $110 for 30 20mg but are they genuine, Anyone with any experience of them or other sites(including horror stories) please let me know Cheers.
  2. Just a quick question, if the seal is broken and the tab feels soft to touch is the tab completely ruined, partially ruined or fine? Anyone got any ideas, Thanks
  3. Yeah in ireland you can get it free too if you qualify for free healthcare, i was wondering do you mean in Italy a regular doctor can prescribe roaccutane cos in the UK and Ireland only a derm can which i think is nonsense when in my experience all the derm did was pen-push out prescriptions. I mean your GP surgery could link up the hospital for the results of the blood test.
  4. i wonder do non-acne scarred people ever wonder how much it hurts for people with acne scars. its an issue that gets virtually no media attention. I think its just a "thank god thats not me" and just walk away view and i suppose we are all guilty of that in this world. I'd love to see it get more attention in the public eye and maybe then issues like treatments might begin to improve Personally i dont think i could ever do something like that, i had a brother who attempted suicide and the pain t
  5. yeah but isnt that about preventing scars and not treating existing ones, its usefullness isnt in question but i fail to see how an existing acne scarred person can benefit from it
  6. Swingline-where you on roaacutune ever? ive noticed a similiar thing that when i get a cut/graze from the artificial grass i play football(soccer for my american friends) on they just dont go, whats wrong? when you are a kid you get all manners cuts and scrapes but never rarely mark permanently. anyone else experiensce this
  7. Yea i found that when it bleeds just from washing it drains out, hopefully it will go down further, i can put a topical antibiotic on it to increase the anti-inflammatory effect
  8. Unfortunately theres nothing you can really do, oil production is controlled by the male hormone so women can take anti-testosterone pills but theres nothing really for men accept maybe roaccutane which is a short term fix.
  9. Definitely agree with the posts here-once they have you as a customer they want to keep you that way for at least 4-5 years. Our only chance is if some rogue company finally cracks it but we can keep on dreaming.
  10. Does every cyst that forms leave a scar or can some of them recover without leaving a mark. I dont have cystic acne but i do get the odd cyst maybe every couple months. I try not to interfere but even washing causes it to bleed. For someone who is already scarred its a nightmare. anyone got any anecdotes
  11. No isotrex and isotrexin are not available in the US though i dont think you are being deprived of any wonder gel. ive used isotrex for about 7 months and didnt notice much difference though ive switched to istrexin now, its too early to say if its better in my opinion
  12. People like Bill Murray are a great example to all of us on this board-only wish there were a few more younger actors/actresses with scarring these days to give us even more hope
  13. I reckon you're alright as long as you are not drinking every day, if it was a big no no theyd say on leaflets-theres nothing on my minocycline leaflet By the way crooked where you get that icon-classic!
  14. I read in Dr Chus book "the good skin doctor" that after stopping an antibiotic for a few days your body has no recollection of ever taking it though you probably become resistant to it while you're on it. Ive found an antibiotic thats not related to the tetracyclines called trimethoprim-anyone tried it?
  15. Try using a benzoyl peroxide gel/cream say 5 or 2.5% once daily while on the mino, this has been proved to prevent antibiotic resistance