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  1. thanks for all the info june, what makes hyperpigmentation happen? ive always wondered, is it by squeezing your pimples. yeh i get the feeling it might be newer skin coz i was like rubbing the flakes out a lot
  2. and why would i need to get whitening products when i need to make that part of my skin darker 8-[
  3. isnt hyperpigmentation supposed to be a patch of skin darker than your original skin colour or do you get hyperpigmentation where the skin is whiter?
  4. thanks for all the help maya, just one last thing though could you tell me what sunscreen you used 8-[
  5. how did this get to happen on your arm? i think mine might of came from a lot of flaking in that area
  6. why would i need to put sunscreen tho maya coz the summers kind of over now 8-[
  7. thanks maya for that info, the colour came back after 2 years or 3 months? lol sorry im a bit confused :-s
  8. doesnt anyone know what i could do about this lighter patch of skin :-s
  9. I dont know whether anyone has experienced this but i seem to have an area of my skin which has gone a bit whiter than my original skin colour and as ive got brown skin it does look quite noticeable. I think i know how this might of happened as in that area of my skin i was really flaking a lot for about 6 months by using many harsh products, now after realising my skin needed a break the flaking and red patchiness has dissapeared but now that part of the skin has seemed to turned whiter tha