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  1. Yep-aquaphor for lips. All the other chapsticks I tried didn't work as well. Cetaphil moisturizing cleanser and moisturizing cream. All fragarance free stuff was what I went for. And sunscreen make sure you get the BROAD SPECTRUM coverage stuff. UVA?UVB protection.
  2. I noticed that too. I had to go to school and work crazy hours including a graveyard shift every third week. I found myself able to sleep okay but my mind was foggy, from accutane? I don't know but I also found myself having a real short temper. oh yeah- working out gives you energy. so even if you're tired just start working out and you'll feel better. working out or running always clears my head and makes me feel great.
  3. Hell no. I had really bad acne. I had acne since I was 13 and then it just went crazy the last couple years to the worst point it had ever been. My cheeks, mouth, temples, neck, and my body was breaking out. I'd wake up to multiple new zits every morning and I was just a depressed peice of shit because everything else dissapointed me. Everyone was giving prescriptions and suggestions and with each one I tried I of course would have to give a couple months to see if it would even work. I
  4. 80 a day. I had back pains too but I had a shitty job that made my back hurt before I started tane anyway and since quitting that job I haven't had any joint pains. I thought it would effect my working out but nope.
  5. I was having breakouts and my skin was really dry for about a month and a half. After that it was the BEST. Just my lips stayed dry through my whole course thats all.
  6. It depends on the person. I had to wait through a badass initial breakout but stick in there. I went through lots of those cetaphil cream tubs and I used Aquahor for my lips. My derm told me to take fish oil to help with some of the side effects. And make sure you use the broad spectrum sunblock. Good luck. You don't want to give up on it now.
  7. Accutane cleared me up with the quickness. I'm turning 22 in May, and my only regret with accutane is that I let people scare me off of it when I was younger.
  8. Have you used tazorac before? I'm using that now, but I wonder if its cool to use both at the same time?
  9. Some of my red marks faded. However my cheeks are just red in general and I'm hoping that will fade soon. It will take time but your red marks should go away too. Just be patient with it. I didn't keep up with my pics or anything but I'd like to see how your skin is. I had really bad acne but once I started taking 'tane It was crazy. I even forgot about this site I was enjoying my skin and confidence so much.
  10. hey sounds like me. I heat up easily and my cheeks get really rediculously red and hot. I was wondering when that would stop too. I finished my 'tane about the same time as you and I'm on tazorac now. What are you using now?
  11. what up man. I just finished my 6 month 'tane course. I used all sorts of different crap cuz I was wary of the side effects of tane. But it was the best. I've had acne since I was 13 and I'm 21 now. I wish I had taken tane the first chance I had instead of waiting and being disappointed with ALL the other shit I tried. so good luck.
  12. Just curious when the redness in my cheeks will ease up and if there is something I could use for it? The tane worked wonders so I can't really complain I guess. I been using tazorac for a little less than a month now. Thanks.
  13. I just finished my course of tane and I found that I got kinda irritable while taking it and weed helped a lot.
  14. Should I get them injected with cortisone? Has anyone else gotten these?! Not comfortable at all.