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  1. not a cure, but helpful!

    reduced inflammation reduced pain throughout day non drying sticky! (obviously) can be on the pricey side I have only been using it for a little while, and from the views was expecting more of a miracle than I probably should have. I applied it as an all over face mask several times over a week or two, left on for at least an hour each time. It did leave me nicely hydrated, but I noticed no magical difference. HOWEVER when I tried applying the honey as an overnight spot treatment, covered wit
  2. I use to use retin-a 1% every night, for about 4 months straight I'd say. The peeling never went down, i would exfoliate daily by rubbing in tons of moisturizer, continuing to rub until the dead skin pilled up, then lightly rubbing in circular motions all over with a face cloth. This would tend to get the worst of it, although it would leave my skin raw, not so much because it was red but it would sting when I applied toner and moisturizer afterwards, even though my toner is alcohol free. But