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  1. I get that you are self conscious and I know how hard that can be but don’t cut your friends off like this. IF you judge you, they aren’t worth knowing. I get that you don't want to go to bars cause you're not drinking but what about if you offer to be the designated driver or something? That way you can still go out with your friends, have a good night and an valid excuse not to drink (Not that you don't already). Not to mention you have the satisfaction of knowing everyone gets home safel
  2. My first trip to the derm I was prescribed accutane. To be fair, I’d already tried numerous other prescriptions from my family doctor. The derm took one look at me, read my referral and told me she thought I’d be a good candidate for accutane. It was pretty much the same the second time round, although just through a different derm this time. It all depends on the doctor and what else you’ve tried.
  3. Lips - Blistex or Carmex Body moisturiser - Vaseline intensive care Facial moisturiser - Clinique DDML (the oil free one) Hand cream - Bodyshop hemp hand protector Shampoo - Johnson’s baby shampoo Conditioner - Pantene 3 minute miracle and a leave in conditioner for whenever my hair feels really dry.
  4. Grr i'm so cranky right now. Just got back from my appointment with the worst derm ever. I couldn't get in to see my original derm till the end of July so after talking to my doctor he recommended this new bloke who I got an appointment with right away. Now after seeing him I know why it was so easy to get in. Apparently it's my fault that my acne has returned since last talking accutane 2 years ago. It's also apparently my fault that I never completely cleared and according to him, I should not
  5. Acne has never worried me, even when my skin was crystal clear. The hottest guy I have ever laid eyes on had pretty severe acne. Unfortunately for me he was pretty shy so it didn't really go anywhere.
  6. I use baby wipes to remove my eye makeup then just wash my face as normal.
  7. I guess the only way to try and convince your derm to give you accutane is to tell him/her how much acne is affecting you and see how it goes from there. However be prepared to be knocked back, most derms will only prescribe it as a last resort and only after other options have been explored. I know you want accutane because it is seen as 'the solution' for so many people and you're sick of dealing with this but it's a pretty serious drug with very serious side effects that everyone experience
  8. Since I was 19, nearly 23 now. It started off pretty server then kind of cleared up thanks to accutane but now whilst i'm waiting to get into seeing my old derm it's back to been pretty bad.
  9. Ouch, I've done that before. You want to know what really helped me? Every time I felt the need to do something that stupid I'd grab the ipod, whack on some angry music and got for a nice long run. I also found that covering up mirrors really helped. When it comes to stuff like this, we are our own worst enemy and are often more critical then others might be. The mirror thing really helped, If i couldn't see myself, didn't know how horrible my skin was, it was much easier to forget about. Please
  10. Honestly acne wouldn't worry me and I've always thought that even before I developed acne myself. You are a good looking bloke but you need a bit of confidence. Until you learn to accept yourself including all your flaws no girl ever will. Sorry if that comes across as harsh, it was not intended to.
  11. I've still got no idea who sent it. Tried ringing the number back and it tells me it's been disconnected so looks like i'll never find out. I still can't get over how childish and gutless some people are.
  12. Thanks you two. I was just having a shit day yesterday and that message didn't help. I still would love to know who sent it so I can abuse the hell out of them but I know that's not going to achieve anything and it's just sinking to their level.
  13. Rightyo I just really need to vent right now and this seems like a good place to do it. This afternoon I got a SMS on my phone from some number I’ve never seen before sayings “Clearasil stayclear deep cleansing wipes on special at Woolworths from the 1st of December for 2 weeks.†and it made me angry. Who the hell does this person think they are? I went to ring them back to abuse the hell out of them and the gutless person doesn’t even have the decency to answer their phone. I know my ski
  14. Didn't start clearing till like month 7 and only then it was a slight improvement. Didn't start to see real results till the month after I finished and even then never cleared completely.
  15. I was prescribed tetracycline before Roaccutane and continued to take it the day before I started Roaccutane under my derms instructions. I guess it you are in any doubt ring your derm and see what he/she thinks.