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  1. hehe the starter kit is a bit pricy to look at but when you see the size of the package you will be like "shit whats in this thing" cleanser is large 3tubes of BP will last a while too man it used to take me like a few months to get through a single tube of BP.
  2. joel your tallents are endless way to go man u got an actual clap from me all the way in england happy birthday dan sorry its late me old bean
  3. Thats awesome! I didnt know you could do that. Thank you Damian
  4. so you know i changed it to read "pump" tehehehe silly arse
  5. for my 2cents i got my moisturiser lastweek and i love it. well when i say i love it, my mrs loves it. I dont do anything topical anymore but she still uses moisturisers and was telling me how nice it is compared to any other greasy moisturisers and said how she used to get spots from other moisturisers but this one seems to be so natural feeling that its not causing any sort of pimples. so i guess there is my info my little poppets! take care you guys x hehe
  6. there is also that guy from the army who had really severe acne his picture is on there thats so illegal its unreal
  7. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=97977
  8. IMO he prob felt the awkwardness you were giving off and maybe said slightly the wrong thing. he isnt an asshole in my opinion tho. if he supports you and doesnt make it a big deal then he sounds great to be honest.
  9. when my skin got like that i realized maybe the regimen was done an i had infact grown out of acne. an i had i slowly reduced dosage of bp etc until i was down to applying just at night, then i did every other day at night an then stopped skin worked out fine an stayed clear ur acne is so mild now i think bp might be causing the irritation leading to the spots try reducing dosage and see if spots get worse, because i bet they wont and wil infact subside. then your FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hehe
  10. hey yea i know, i do try to pop over but its hard to :) hows tricks>?