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  1. Cause you probably don't swim in the stuff like most people here do. The worst side effect for me was having half of one of my eyebrows turn almost blonde I'm more careful how I apply bp now. Yep, I've bleached a couple of t-shirts, but what's that compared to hiding away because I was embarrassed to be seen at my age (37) with what is largely perceived to be a teenage condition?
  2. Congratulations. Being in week 7 (or is it actually 8?? time flies) and still not seeing much improvement, I tend to have some.. well.. negative feelings towards CSR especially because the skin itself seems to feel less smooth to the touch than before. But hearing succes stories always encourages as you say Dare I ask what condition you had BEFORE the clearup? I can remember being six or seven weeks in and thinking 'Gah! Got another spot coming!' and feeling like giving up. But I didn
  3. My skin is less oily than it was. In fact it now tends towards being overly dry. Can't have it all ways, I guess.
  4. Hi all, I decided to try the regimen at the end of last year after Minocin, which had previously been effective for me, seemed to no longer be keeping my mild but extremely persistent acne under control. I first started getting spots around 1994, in my mid twenties, having had perfect skin up till then. Over the past couple of years, I actually seemed to be getting more spots, and they lasted longer and were bigger. Have to say that I'd tried just about everything imaginable except Accutane.
  5. Hi all I'm a cynic. I visited this site probably three years ago and was convinced this regimen people were talking about would never work. I'd tried BP before and it just made my skin red, flaky and itchy. But after 10 years of suffering mostly mild but very peristent acne I decided that there was nothing to lose by giving it a go. I started about 7 weeks ago, initially using Oxy On The Spot, but I have now started using CSR gel. I have THE most sensitive skin but I haven't experienced a