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  1. Wow, that is extremely helpful. Wish I had consulted this forum earlier!! Thank you so much, friend.
  2. Sounds good man! I had heard of dermaroller/cortisone shots, but I wanted to verify that these treatments would help me. I will definitely try these methods ASAP. Thank you for your kind suggestions!
  3. Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while. I've had scarring for about two years now, but since I'm going off to college this fall, I want to do as much as I can to alleviate it in the meantime. Any suggestions for my hypertrophic scars (my biggest insecurity), atrophic scars (esp. on temples), and hyperpigmentation/skin tone in general? Thank you so much! edit: My current regimen is the Acne.org regimen with the face wash, bp, lotion, and jojoba oil. I also supplement it their AHA+ thing a
  4. Just checking in, about 4 months into the regimen. pretty much all that remains are dark spots, and I rarely get pimples now
  5. Update: 3 weeks into the regimen, left cheek is mostly dark spots/ scarring now. Right cheek theres still some pimples, hasnt improved as much as left cheek. Weird because the left was way worse than the right cheek before I started the regimen. Pimples around jawline have improved. Looks much better than before!
  6. Thank you for sharing your experience and your kind words! I should probably convince my mom to take me back to my dermatologist; she doesn't trust the guy at all after my skin got so bad. In the meantime I'm still anxiously waiting for the regimen to arrive at my doorstep. I hope it takes less time for it to work, since I've been using a 10% BP wash since August, and my skin's already used to it.
  7. Maybe it's my way of coping with it, but I don't think it's hopeless to try another method before trying accutane. The pictures I took were on my laptop camera, when I have time i'll take more high quality photos. It seems to me that there's a LOOOT of discoloration going on instead of how bad it looks on webcam. Also I think since the original time i posted this, my own routine has been improving my acne slightly. Not sure.
  8. Haha I like to think that i'm a fairly healthy eater. I ordered the regimen, still waiting for it to arrive though. And isn't salicyclic acid for mild acne? Thats what i used when i had mild acne. Also thanks, that's a good idea!
  9. I don't remember... i think it could be hormonal though, since I have lots of acne along and under my jawline. As for my preferred choice of beverage, I drink water. When I'm eating a meal, I drink orange juice/soy milk/almond milk. I might drink a sports drink such as Powerade after a sports practice.
  10. I dont know man, i've had acne since i was around 13 and I'm 15 now; i haven't changed anything in my diet in the last 2 months when my acne became severe.
  11. How would i overcome hormonal acne? Could this be why topical treatments haven't been doing much?
  12. Thing is, my parents think the Doxy screwed up my skin even more. I think it might be because I did not gradually decrease my dosage, nevertheless it will be very difficult to convince them otherwise. I'll probably just use the regimen by itself. I eat a pretty clean diet for a teenager. Of course I eat a good amount of meat as I'm an athlete looking to make gains in the weight room. I've cut out milk products; i only drink soy/almond milk now. I also eat lots of fruit and drink copius amount
  13. I've been using panoxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide wash for about 4 months now. Would it still take around 6 months for the regimen to work in my case?
  14. 2 months ago my acne suddenly became severe, before i had minimal/mild acne. I was just using panoxyl 10% wash at the time. My acne literally became severe and inflammed overnight. I dont know what caused it, so i went to my dermatologist. He gave me 100mg doxycycline and sodium sulfacetimide w/ sulfur wash. He told me to keep taking the doxy daily until the inflammation went down; it never did so i just took it until i ran out of pills (30). By then (after a month) my acne worsened, so my m