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  1. Is that the CP from skincare? I wonder if I could use the super CP I have now.
  2. Have you found anything that DOES work? I have tried many things but it's just money down the drain.
  3. Anyone using this for eye creme to reduce wrinkles? Thanks,
  4. Oh...and I have to say that the mandelic is really making improvements daily. It's still working! Really amazing.
  5. I did not start with any other Cp before going to super. I didn;t start with 10% madleic either. I know, I'm a bad boy ) I'm almost out of my mositerizer. Is there anything I can buy over the counter that will work? I know I should get the Emu oil but don't know which Emu oil to buy and I need something temporary until the Emu gets here. I also need a suncreen. Joseph
  6. My Super CP arrived today. Do I wear this just at night with moisterizer or wear this with the mandelic during the day? Thanks,
  7. I'm still getting some flaking but the skin is getting better each day.
  8. Something new today. I had a very hard knot on my right cheek. It could not be moved. Tonite when I was washing my face I noticed it has a white head on it for the first time ever and the knot does not seem to be as large. At least if I can get it to the surface maybe I can get that one fixed too. Is it the mandelic doing this? I just don't know.
  9. I did have to reapply moisturizer after 12 hours today. My forehead was about the only place peeling.
  10. My skin looks MUCH better. If it's the Mandelic alone or in some combination of things I'm doing, it matters little. What's important is I see a difference for all the effort. Frankly, if it gets no better than what it is today it's been a marked improvement over even a month ago. My hope is a little better and if it gets there super! If not, oh well, it's still given me hope for more and much better skin even today. From what I can tell the scars are growing from the bottom up. Where once
  11. There is really no question now. I have a few scars that came from popping cysts and getting that core out. One is a scar from surgery to remove the pocket and the other is from me getting it out myself. Even after just a few days, I see a real difference. I also have some cysts on the back of my neck. I've been applying a little extra on these. They seem to be going down as well and healing from the inside. I am seeing some peeling and am guessing that's good as it's removing dead skin. F
  12. I found some different ones here at homepeels. http://www.homepeels.com/Merchant2/merchan...ategory_Code=M2 I'm on Mandelic and super CP. I need a good moisterizer and suncreen. There is a Refined Emu and a Emu S at this site, but not sure which one is best or what suncreen to use as a last layer. I have a bottle of Neutrogena Sensitive with SPF 30 but not sure if is something that will counter act the Madelic and the Copper peptides. I need things that work together, I think. Thanks
  13. If anyone is in the DFW area and looking for Smoothbeam, I did some smoothbeam pricing this week. Some wanted $550.00 per treatment, ugh. I did find a pretty good deal though. 5 treatments, 6 dermabrasions and includes creams and other goodies all for $1300.00. They told me it was 50% down and you could pay the rest out. She said we could start at level 10-14 depending on my pain threshold. This price was for full face. Anyway, they are in Mckinney Texas just north of Dallas, tel: 972-542-
  14. I would guess it works fine for spot, but at the monent it goes all over my face and neck. I think too that most people use the 10% to start and then move to 15%. I tried starting out with 15% twice a day. But have backed off to once a day now. It was stinging a little on the second application, so I have pulled beck for now. I think your skin has to get used to it before you go full 15% twice per day. I did a dermanew abrasion yesterday, then applied the mandelic. I woke up this moring an
  15. I really can't say enough about this stuff. It's fading red marks, tightning the skin and even helping with under skin cysts. It does sting a little sometimes but it looks very promising indeed! What's remarkbale to me is that is works VERY fast, from day one I saw improvement. Now at day 4 it's really noticible.