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  1. @TaralliMonster Yes I've been using Mother Dirt spray for some time now. I bought two bottles 3-4 months ago and use the spray once every day or two. I don't think I've really seen much of an improvement from just the spray, but I definitely haven't seen any negatives either. If anything it's helped reduce some of my oiliness and has evened my skin tone a bit. Personally I don't think it's worth the price, but try it yourself to see how your skin likes it. Probiotics in general are great for
  2. For the past few weeks I've had amazing results with just a few simple tweaks to my routine, It's almost made my skin 100% (Note: I do continue to use bp at night). I'm hoping some of you guys could try this out to see if it helps you as well. My ultimate goal is to ween off of BP fully. I eliminated all nuts. I used to eat cashews every day, and I've stopped completed. As soon as I wake I drink a glass of room temp. water with a splash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of salt. I
  3. Just FYI, Accutane was what caused my folliculitis in the first place. I tried a second course of Accutane and it did help, but the pustules came back a few weeks after.
  4. @FungalAcne Looks good! What's your BP routine? Is that dryness around your mouth or facial seb derm? Not to alarm you, but I have similar flakyness around my mouth caused by seb derm. Keep me posted!
  5. Yeah I have similar skin issues to you as well, I get occasional pustules on my chest and on my scalp. I'm almost 100% sure it's not rosacea. Adding probiotics to my diet did help a bit, along with a healthy diet. But diet and supplementation alone hasn't fully gotten rid of the folliculitis. I've been trying Defense soap out for the past few weeks after I shave, but it hasn't really done much. I'll continue to use the soap as a body wash after hockey though =D I will try sulfur soap out s
  6. I can concur with @silverlight22, benzoyle peroxide has been probably the best "cure" I've found so far. I too get 3-4 pustules a week, but it's manageable. I've refrained from using salicylic acid and sulfur because I don't want to dry my face out too much. I feel like using BP once a night is harsh enough for my skin. I will be trying Defense soap out soon and will let everyone know if I get any positive results. I will most likely be using it 2-3 times a week as a face wash. Cheers,
  7. Have you tried coloring the pustules in with a purple or brown sharpie pen? It seriously helps my anxiety and really helps to cover them up.
  8. I'm testing out Mother Dirt AO+ probiotic spray right now. Does not eliminate the pustules for me, but definitely has helped my overall skin health and pustules that do show up seem much smaller. I'll keep testing for 3 months at least and give a full review.
  9. I would be careful with not washing your face. I tried this without weening off of cleansers and I developed seb derm on my face. It's very mild now after years of trying to get my skin healthy, but still present. I originally thought it was dry flaky skin. I believe it was because I had an imbalance of skin flora, and the excess oil let the yeast to thrive.
  10. Hey @Locosurfer The E45 didn't eliminate the pustules permanently, but it did help immensely for the seb derm on my face. The pustules overall have diminished, along with my seb derm, as my skin continues to heal. I would try E45 or Node P if you think the pustules are fungal related. E45 is very gentle and it won't be too harsh on your skin if you use it once a night. I'd say give it a shot for up to 3 weeks to see how your skin reacts. I don't use any climbazole washes anymore since my f
  11. Hey tOm, Yeah this is super tough for a lot of us, it's very frustrating when you have 100% clear days and then the pustules come back seemingly for no reason. Have you tried coloring your pustules with a sharpie? I have found this to be amazing for my confidence and it works wonders. If any pustules crop up I'll use a purple or brown sharpie and dab them. I'll lightly use my finger to smear the ink so that it looks faded on the pustules. Afterward it will look like a normal pimple, which I
  12. Yeah shaving is tough! For me, shaving every other day has been fairly decent though. I use an electric razor (Braun series 7) and I find it to be the least irritating compared to a double edge or conventional razor, but each to their own. With a good electric razor you're not using any shaving cream, so it minimizes any chance of drying out your skin. I've also tried just using a beard trimmer every day, and that worked quite well since you're not really irritating your skin all that much! Yo
  13. Hey @maverickk21 I'd suggest taking a decent probiotic with 25billion CFU or more to start. I have been using the Renew Life brand or VSL (expensive). You can also try making homemade kombucha, sauerkraut or kefir. All three are very easy to make at home. But yeah, I still haven't got my pustules to go away completely. I have more clear days than not, so I do know I'm on the right track! I definitely think keeping inflammation down with good diet and proper supplementation is the best course
  14. Thanks for the info Jennifer! I to notice that in the summer the pustules around my mouth and overall acne is way less frequent. Unfortunately I've been taking 5000UI of vitamin D3 for some time and it hasn't completely cleared it for me. I've had all my levels checked and they are in optimal range too. I do suggest everyone start taking at least 2000-5000UI though!
  15. @healthyalmonds ok awesome, thanks for the insight. I believe I can get Dexidin 4 out here in Canada from the pharmacy without prescription. I've had great success with triple antibiotic, so I will try this out too! Cheers,