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  1. Just started four days ago

    I'm one of those "tried absolutely everything you can think of" acne sufferers, and just began Finacea several days ago after seeing another dermatologist. It seems to clear up cystic pimples and whiteheads pretty quickly overnight, but I still have bad hyper-pigmentation and many blackheads under the skin. I'm hoping it will help but not sure of the best cleanser to use with this or any other tips... the dermo I went to said no cleanser (unrealistic considering I'm a chick and need to wear make
  2. Hey everyone, My first post on here after being a member for years. I just need to reach out today, I read these forums all the time and they make me feel supported and like I'm not alone, but I still feel like I am. Do you find yourself just staring at everyone's skin around you? Your friends have perfect skin, and although I'm 20, I feel like people think I'm disgusting, like I'm dirty and young and like I don't try hard enough because it comes so easily to them and it's so easy to ta
  3. It worked great, but great results may not remain

    Totally clear skin One pill a day Dry skin, lips, and eyes May not have lasting results Hassle with government protection of drug and blood tests once a month I went on Accutane after 2/3 years of awful acne, especially on my cheeks and chin. In a few months, maybe 2/3, I started really noticing results. The blood tests and government protection on the drug are a hassle but so worth it. But let me just make myself clear on one thing that drives me crazy about others' thoughts on Accutane! I had
  4. So, SO happy (please read!)

    Skin is so much better FINALLY barely any acne Lightheaded when stand up, dizzy at times I really just want to speak to those of you who have suffered like me from acne. There is nothing I have wanted more than clear skin the past 5 years, and I've never gotten it. I wouldn't go out or just keep my face hidden or cover my acne with my hands always. I'm outgoing, but a hermit when I'm breaking out terribly, even though I almost always was. I have done it ALL ladies and gents! Accutane for a year'