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  1. Hi I also use the netragena SPF 30 sunscreen underneath my mineral makeup. My makeup works really well with the suncreen in that it makes the mineral powder makeup stay on a bit like a liquid makeup. hope this helps
  2. r u talking about active acne itself or red marks that resulted from active acne? Anyway if your talking about red marks in general then yes, you can use tca complex for that; however; just know that it won't completely take the red marks away but it will improve. good luck
  3. steve knowing that your asain makes me happy!>.......bc I am asain too and I am kinda scared of doing Exoderm bc i have tannish dark skin and so i am afraid of having pigment problems with the procedure. my scarring ain't bad...minor scarring but a lot of little ones that it makes me look like I have uneven skin texture...so I think exoderm would do great for me. Well...exoderm is just a long term goal for me right now because there is no way in hell i am come up with around 4 thousand doll
  4. Hi steve thanks for the explanation! sorry that you have to explain it again for probably the thousand time Anyway...let us know your results with this combo peel and i am so happy for you to get the 80-90% improvements over the years! I must say your a EXtreme brave soul
  5. Hi Steve, I don't have experience with the combo peel, but i would suggest you to neutrilize right after the Jessener peel first rather than after applying both the Jesserner and TCA peel. I just think it might be risky to combine the chemicals and not know exactly what will happen. but I am no expert... And besides, TCA neutrializes by itself supposely on the other hand, I noticed that you have exoderm done before, I just want to ask if you can share with us your results? how much improvem
  6. Hi Chole I also just finshed my 2nd TCA complex peel which is supposely around 6%. Like yourself, I have lots of small little indents, which some look like large pores. Anyways, I did notice my skin texture improve a little in that my makeup looks smoother on after the peel. However, i am not sure if my scars improved...but i suppose it must have a little since my overall complexion look a little better overall. I want to do more peels but I can't afford the 4 to 5 day downtime. Well...go
  7. girl, be patient. nothing can get rid of those red marks right away. Glycolic acid does help but it is slow ad that's good bc you don't want to over do it and cause irritation to the skin. Just keep using it for once a week and gently build up the amt of time you leave it on your face. Just remember less is more bc you don't want to over do it.
  8. Has anyone tried needling/subcision on small pits or ice pick scars? Also would needling permanently damage your pores? I am just hella scared of needles going through my skin! Thank u much guys/gals
  9. what!! I refuse to believe Maya would do such a thing. She is one of the most sincere person I have seen on these boards. There must be a misunderstanding!
  10. That's for I have been saying to myself.....except it's been for 2 years and STILL can't seem to love myself again. I am beginning to worry if i can ever find that love for myself again. That's the scary thought that worries me. Sometimes i think i will be alone forever.
  11. Thanks you guys. I do have the super cp serum (which i like a a lot). But when r u suppose to apply the super cp serum? do you apply when you first start to peel? ThankS!!
  12. I finally tried TCA complex afters months and months of waiting for the perfect time where i will be able to take the time off to do it. Well...it's day five> peeling is still visiblE. I broke out 4 huge ass zits . And the areas that the skin came off doesn't look much better at all. Maybe a little better . I did a bunch of layering the first night. and went over the scar areas with a q-tip agressively. And did the same the 2nd day morning and night. On the 3rd day I look like my 80 yr old
  13. Thanks Sukura Have you tried their exfol serum since they recommend it to use in conjunction with the super cp serum? It says that using both of these products would help with scars in the long run. So i was wondering if you or anyone else have tried it. thanks
  14. I just got my order of Super Cp Serum but on the label infront it says CP Serum while there is a little sticker on the back that says its super cp serum. So am i being ripped off or has anyone else got the same product with just CP serum label???????? Thanks !!!
  15. hey....first you need to think about getting you acne under control if it isnt' already. Then do a little research on the type of procedures out there. For me I have cool touch sessions done with microdermabrassion but it costs a lot. It has help my scars and the best thing is there is no down time. I also uses skin biology's super cp. but i would recommend you to get the super cp now because it is cheap and it's good to use on acne prone skin. this helps me improve my overall texture. other pro