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  1. sorry for bumping this old thread but this seems like something different for body scarring, i wonder if it worked for him and this is why he never came back? anyone else had something like this done? I am thinking of doing something like this once the summer is over...
  2. i dont have hypertrophic scars on my nose but i do have them elsewhere and i had kenalog injections done which helped shrink them immensely. get an appt with a derm and ask about them
  3. i have body scarring too, sucks eh? but i have recently started treating it. first doc i went to said there was nothing they could do so i decided to see another doc who recommended chemical peels to help with the texture and redness and silicone spray and sheets to reduce the scar tissue. i've been at it for 2 months and i've started to see a slight improvement, probably not enough to take my shirt off yet but MUCH better than it was! i'm pretty stoked on that! my scarring is a combination
  4. Just found this, published 2 days ago.... http://engineering.jhu.edu/fastforward/2014/01/14/betting-on-healing-hydrogels/ looks like they're hoping to have a veterinary product by the end of this year...