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  1. And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  2. Miss your informative posts!!!

  3. Haven't tried Pores No More but i've heard good things about it. Gets mostly good reviews.. Dr. Brandt does make awesome products - it's too bad they're really expensive. He has an exfoliating product called Microdermabrasion in a Jar. It works amazing well.. but it's like $75 a jar.
  4. I agree with Axxith. Go into a store like Macys or Nordstrom, the Makeup Artists there will not be the least bit surprised if they have a male customer, they get them all the time. They are very friendly and will be willing to help. Professional makeup artists will not care if you're a man woman straight or gay. the good thing about going into the store is, they will teach you how to apply it properly and will help match you to your correct shade. let them know you're looking for something th
  5. blot powder is great, one of my favorite powders. Really helps to get rid of shine and controls oil well.. though I would suggest you use a brush instead, the sponge doesn't apply it evenly.
  6. omigosh. anyone else miss Snow Queen? always had good informative advice and provided help all over the boards. She vanished one day and stopped posting, no sign of her whatsoever. Sad.
  7. Maybelline Full and Soft. one of the better drugstore mascaras out there - works great imo
  8. sorry, but that isn't true. Derms are good people but they can say some wacky things sometimes. all foundation formulas are different -- you can't say with certainty that they all clog pores. even if they did, wearing a moisturizer underneath will do nothing except maybe help the foundation blend into the skin better. maybe that is what he meant.
  9. the first two have skin issues like acne and scarring - it looks like they used full coverage foundation to cover it up. unfortunately, full coverage doesn't always end up looking natural unless you apply it properly and know how to blend everything out well. In the first picture the foundation wasn't blended into the neck.. makes his face look too pale/yellow. As for Zac Efron - his skin looks good, but his eyes look a bit feminine (eyeliner, lashes) and the bronzer they used is too dark for
  10. maybe your skin is reacting to the emollients/plant oils. Based on the ingredients list it's likely this cream was designed for dry skin.
  11. I thought maybe some of you might want to see this. It's from Temptalia.com, she currently has several articles featuring different makeup looks being used during NY's Fashion Week. this particular article features a male model and the makeup that was used on him. Now, I understand it's an unfair comparison since he is a model and probably doesn't have the same skin-related issues we have. But it's just to show what kind of products can be used, and also to prove that makeup can look natural on
  12. The 180 was discontinued.. it's a different type of bristle from the 182, but still goat hair. It's a bit more dense and is more of a flat-top brush with a very slight dome. although the 180 was discontinued many people have been able to buy it by calling MAC's customer service. Apparently they still have a lot in stock.
  13. are you talking about the 182 buffer brush? Yes, that is a kabuki and it's one of my favorites, I pretty much use it every day.
  14. the thing about SA washes is that they don't remain on the skin long enough to provide any substantial exfoliation. Some actually recommend that you leave on the skin for 1-2 minutes before you wash them off.. but I don't know how effective that might be. Usually they will also include scrubby beads to make up for the fact that the SA just doesn't exfoliate like a leave-on product would.
  15. It is possible to use both BHA and BP at the same time. But.. that would require to switch/modify Dan's regimen. The BHA would go on all over the face to exfoliate, then a light layer of BP over any areas that are prone to breakouts. By doing this you get the benefit of exfoliation while also using BP to disinfect the areas where you breakout the most. Obviously this would be a modified regimen since Dan's requires BP in high amounts to the entire face. It's up to you to decide whether you want