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  1. Hi, Food intolerance test is a good indicatior for many problems. I realized that whatever is in the red mark, it is also possible that these types of food have allergic reactions not only intolerant. Anyway I decided to struggle with these foods because I loved eggs and find out you can cure it naturally. If that helps anway, you can check my video: [Removed media] If you alreday have severe acne than it is best to avoid certain foods for at least 6 months. I found that acne are ca
  2. Hi people, I want to share my experience where I tried so many things about acne and to get rid of it, but unfortunatelly since I trusted so many stories and people who wanted to make profit, I made not clean acne but actually destroyed my natural body metabolism and entire body. I wanrted to share my experience that everyone who will resd this post will know that taking VITAMIN A in huge doses or VITAMIN D3 OR K1 OR K2 can have terrible consequences and suffering. I also was using tons of
  3. I found that the problem is any kind of glucose and mostly some bacteria are depended on amino acids, yea proteins. so arginine and valine for example (eggs are source of valine, and nuts for arginine). Also bacterias uses wide range of b vitamins and minerals. so it's hard to fight them when they got millions of colonies or factories in your body I agree. But for the sugar, they like it any kind, fructose, sucrose, glugose. I found only that vitamin d3 alone without k wors good, since even
  4. thanks for letting me know about too much fruit, but in moderate doses can't be bad, some say that they actually removed candida and other parasites but mostly fruit only, no other carbs at all, except veggies.
  5. Hi, I wanted to know your personal experience because it appears that bacterias that cause acne, such as staphylococcous profilate sort of glugose over another. Since I found that all kinds of foods that cause acidosis, actually all with sugar, high glucose and fatty acids, I realized that sugar is not the only problem. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC108409/ here is a study that has this assortiment: sucrose>glucose>fructose so sucrose is white and brown su
  6. Thank you for these data, I actually found that vitamin d3 helps a lot but in combination with K. for the coagulation, take green tea extract which has anti angiogenesis properties and great anti microbical agent for staph epidermidis. I also found that lemon balm, propolis, cinnamon, pycnogenol, resveratrol, grapeseed extract works great. All herbal teas like thyme also do a great affect but I eat sweet potatoes to get more natural produced vitamin a, but probably I'll take vitamin a from fish
  7. I tried so many things, but eating meat only without gluten, diary and eggs doesn't seem to do much good. Even that I quit sugar, bacterias feed on acidosis of the body. So the more meat and other acidic forming foods you eat, bacteria replicate probably. Fruits and vegatables could be the key, because they form high alkaline ph in the body and that makes white t cells able to fight bacteria. They are so many different sorts of bacteria that forms acne, and for some people meat works since
  8. I found that eggs exaggerate when I tried 2 eggs, and my intolerance is highest for egg white, strange don't know why for spelt. anyway i have these infection on top of the head for almost 15 years I didn't recognize until I finally decided to remove my hair, the other infection in sinus, nasal passages, mouth, skin all over the nose and mouth (corners), lower part of the face, actually entire area where you shave yourself and in the eyes (styes) and they are not mrsa, but mrse (epidermidis). I
  9. Hi all dear fellows! I wanted to let you know that I have acne for almost 20 years including staphylococcus capitis (sort of ringworm type on top of the head). At the microbiology institutte they tested and found that I have infection S. epidermidis (much harder than aureus - mrsa). I tested myself for intolerance as well. Since I GATHERED ALL THE INFORMATION, I found that there were a lot of clinical studies posted at pubmed which supplements works to inhibit s. epidermidis. but the