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  1. It has been 5 months since my last post. A lot has happened, I broke my ankle at the end of Feb which required emergency surgery. This ended my use of Spiro because I was on bed rest for 3 months and on a ton of pain medication. I am back writing because six days ago I started taking 40 mg of Accutane and I wish I had just been adamant with my doctor's and derms because I have had immediate results from Day 1. I am acne free and only have some minor irritation (like a mild sunburn feeling, whi
  2. I am a picker. It isn't something I do consistently though--I have bouts of extreme picking and then go weeks and months without picking. Recently, to keep my hands busy--so I don't scratch or pick at my face, which leads to the magnification mirror and an extreme picking marathon event--I've been playing games on my mobile/table/laptop. It sounds crazy--as a 41 Y.O. female, but it is just like many of the previous posters mention--I get absorbed--so by getting absorbed in playing a trivial game
  3. You shouldn't use it--it specifically warns on the label about excess sun sensitivity. Cease using it the day before sun exposure and use a 50 or 70 SPF sun screen but only stay in the sun 20 min the first day to make sure you are not having a reaction. Check around your chin for rash-like symptoms or redness. Any acne scars you have will be darkened by the sun, so it really will disappoint you if you think they will even out, they will just get darker. Remember to wash off the sun screen p
  4. Bobbi Brown Warm Sand--it doesn't make me break out and there are two colors Sand and Warm Sand.
  5. First Month Finished and Ordered 30 Day Rx Refill No new acne to report from the past two days, but still a lot of healing to be done on the existing/active front--redness is better. I didn't miss a single dosage over the 30 days so I am pleased about that--and more hopeful about month two. Wishing everyone a happy acne free new year!
  6. I have been using Clinique BB mainly because the tone most closely matches my skin color and it has 30 SPF. I add 2-3 drops of Visine Red Eye drops. I wait until the moisturizer has set (you can tell by blotting with a tissue, if nothing comes off it is pretty well set). Then I apply liquid foundation with sponge (Bobbi Brown), also with a drop or two of Visine Red Eye. I also let that set (dry) before the final secret weapon, which is the Bobbi Brown foundation stick to cover just the dark
  7. SanJoseRoo

    Spiro Log

    I have no advice to offer in your case, but really empathize with your situation. I hope you find the combination that works for you. I am hoping that 150 mg of spiro (week 3) and nothing else but ACZone topical works for me in the long term. I don't really believe in this whole notion of "purge" since I have been off birth control for 2 years and do not have other medical conditions such as PCOS. Good luck Cali from SanJose-Roo.
  8. Week 3 - Sticking to 150 mg/day. So far, mostly as expected, a few new unsightly painful cysts on my cheeks and temple areas that take forever to heal -- my skin feels very thin. I am careful to only wash with warm water and Dermalogica twice a day and pat dry, but even that can create cracks that bleed, when applying topicals. A few new albeit smaller pimples have appeared on my back and neck. Mainly the breast tenderness and heaviness is dreadful and it reminds me of why I hated being on t
  9. Milk Thistle is really good for people who drink alcohol more than they should, daily. I wouldn't recommend it for acne.
  10. My first post on my journey to combat cystic adult hormonal acne as a 41 year old female. One factor unique to my situation is that I never had any (or very, very little) exposure to sun and I've always worn sunscreen and foundation, even though I have olive skin and tan easily and didn't need make-up/cover-up. The Birth Control Years I took BCP for 21 years, from the age of 18 to 39. I had few side-effects over the years and did go on an off them for a few months at a time, but my first
  11. Billbean, how much Vitex are you taking? I only take one capsule every other day to start trying it. Maybe you should just cut back and see if it's the dosage.