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  1. Mine lasted like about 2-3 weeks. Have you tried to use 2.5% bp in the morning??? My regimen is like this. Im almost clear. M W F --- Morning = BP , Night = RAM Sun Tues Thurs Sat --- Morning = BP , Night = BP I hope you get better! :) thanks for your response cb06...i'm actually using duac in the daytime and retin-a micro at night. i'm also taking anti biotics. i have mild acne but recently (in the last few weeks) started breaking out a lot more, especially in my chin and fore
  2. I have been on retin-a micro for 8 weeks now and seemed like my initial breakout started a couple of weeks back and i'm still breaking out. how long did your IB last? and i'm wondering why my IB started in the 5-6th week. don't most people have it in the 2nd-3rd week? thanks
  3. hmm...i'm still figuring this out. i stopped applying my minerals wet just to see what would happen, so i'll keep you girls updated. i'm currently using Monave and Lumiere. It could be the Retin-A or that i'm stressed out or something. And, i make sure to wash my brush a couple of times a week because i'm super paranoid about stuff like that. anyway, thanks for all your responses!
  4. i received my samples last week and used them twice since (i applied them wet) and i love them. they provide great coverage and are very long lasting. i got it in the veena velvet finish, which is great for oily skin. i definitely encourage you to order samples. i think the sample kit is like $3 and that's including shipping!!! it includes 3 foundation colors, 1 blush, 1 finishing powder, and 1 eye color. they come in baggies but the samples are pretty generous.
  5. hey i'm also using retin-a micro. i think i started like 7 weeks ago. it started out really well and i cleared up, but i started breaking out again! i don't know if this is the initial breakout...but it seems a bit late to be having the initial breakout. so here's what i do...i use Purpose facial cleanser morning and night....then i apply my retin-a micro only at night time. i wait 30 minutes, then apply my moisturizer. this was recommended by my dermatologist. you really need to use a moi
  6. hey everyone, so lately i've been experimenting with my MMU samples (God knows i have many because i'm crazy). my skin has been really dry because of the retin-a micro i'm using at night. anyway, to help with the dryness and flakes, i've been applying my MMU wet (damping my kabuki, then swirling my minerals). i noticed that i started breaking out since i started doing this 2 weeks ago. has anyone tried it and started breaking out? i wonder if the water + minerals is harboring bacteria which
  7. yeah i think original glo is for people with normal to dry skin and don't need that much coverage. i tried the matte and intensive, and intensive does offer more coverage, but out of all the brands i've tried, EDM is on the bottom of my list because it made me super oily and had terrible staying power. i would suggest joppa (full coverage) if you're looking for more coverage. good luck
  8. i ordered a smaller jar and tried it. it does really mattify your skin, filling in pores, making them look invisible. alot of people rave about it. i used it a few times but i always end up getting a pimple or 2....but i'm not sure if it's the eraser or just me, so i kinda stopped using it. but, people tell me that it doesn't break them out...so i don't know. you can maybe order a sample and try it out. in terms of controlling oil, i didn't think it really did that much for me, but i usual
  9. hi mandy...sorry i haven't tried using a sponge to apply MMU, but i'm guessing if you wet your minerals a little, you can use a sponge and apply it like liquid foundation? i actually thought about doing that... give it a try and let us know if it works well!
  10. Shiseido powder foundation MAC studio fix powder foundation Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Joppa Mineral Foundation Monave Mineral Concealer-Foundation Aubrey Nicole Mineral Foundation still sampling other minerals...
  11. there are endless companies you can try. i really like monave because it has good coverage and also has staying power. i've also tried fyrinnae and it's not bad. i have samples coming from lumiere (i've heard really good things about them)...