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  1. yea man thats nothin. i drank like 5 nights out of a week, durin spring break, but only because it was spring break, i was only on 40/mg a day and my blood tests prior to that had been perfect. your fine
  2. I halfway trhough my 3rd month, I am at 80/mg a day and I weigh 80 kgs. Acne wise I am doing great, not a pimple. But I am experiencing redness in my cheeks. I mean I had a redness problem before I started accutane but now it is a bit worse or seems worse since the acne is gone. Is there anything I can do to calm down the redness? I have been using Aveeno moisterizer that is suppose to be reducing redness.
  3. I am convinced accutane stunted my growth, I took it when I was 13, and never grew too much after. I actually had x-rays taken cuz i dislocated my elbow right before i took accutane and then had some takena fterwards, and the doctor told me that the plates had closed up. So I don't feel i ever reached my full potential height. My dad is 6'2 and my mom 5'6 and I am 5'11. So who knows. But I would not take accutane if I expected to grow some more
  4. I drink muscle milke evreyday after I work out. whats wrong with it? I live by that stuff. I am on month 3, no problems.
  5. I knew going into this accutane treatment, that joint pain was a side effect, but I didn't realize how it would affect me. I have always worked out like 5 days a week, using heavy weights and running on the treadmill and stuff, you know staying in good shape. But about 2 months in to accutan, the next day after I did some heavy lifting the joints in my elbows were giving me a lot of pain, like they were strained. Has anyone else experienced this? My doctor told me to take Co Q-10 vitamins to eas
  6. I am not quite sure how to convert my weight to number of milligrams that I need over my course. I am 180 pound male. My doctor has had me on month 1= 20 mgs month 2= 40 mgs month 3= 80 mgs month 4=? month 5=? month 6=? How much do I need in the remaining months to get the correct amount in my body. Also how much would I need if I want to be finished after 5 months? I want to try and be done with this after month 5 if at all possible.
  7. I'm not really clear on how many mg's i have to be on over a certain amount of time. But does it matter if I am on a lower dose over a longer amount of time, or a higher dose for shorter? I am a 21 year old male (180 lbs) with mild acne. First month I was on 20 mg, second month I am now on 40 mg. The derm says I will be moving up till I reach 80 (probably 60,g next month) and stay on it for 6 months. I jsut want to know if it would be the same thing if I goto 80 mg for the next 4 months and get
  8. Ok to start off I am on my fourth week of accutane at only 20 mg/day since i only have mild acne and nothing else has worked. So far I feel like I have been clearing up and no IB. As I have read on here drinking is obviously not good to do while on tane. But me being in college I have drank like once maybe twice a week socially since on the tane. No problems. My BIG problem is that I am going to Mexico for spring break in a few weeks. This can't be good for the tane, I know with all the drinknig
  9. I am on 20 mg a day too, about 3 weeks in, my lips are slightly dry not too bad, but my face has definetley dried up and is all flaky when i get out of the shower, so mositurizer is a must for me. So thats jsut where Im at right now.
  10. I am 5'11 185 pounds, with very mild but consistent acne, and my derm has me on 20 mg a day. My skin has def. become less oily and drys up any pimples that come out. You think he will bump me up since i see him nxt week?
  11. So the time has finally come (day 20) when i realize i really do need to use moisturizer because my skin has become so dry and flaky. I would like to know if anyone knows of some good moisturizers. Right now I have the Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion (non-comedogenic). Is this good to use for my face? It is also weird putting stuff on my face that isn't topical treatment because I feel like it will make it worse.
  12. I have mild acne, and weigh 185 pounds and am at 20 mg/day for the first month. Which is working quite nicely.
  13. I lift 4-5 times a week, Im on my 12th day of accutane, no problems yet.
  14. So just a little background, I went on accuante when I was 13 or 14 for mild-moderate acne, it cleared it up, but then came back, thorughtout the years, not terribly, but has been there consistent. So im 21 now and its not that bad, but I jsut want to get rid of it for good, so I started accutane. My derm has me on 20 mg a day which I thought was pretty low, and I was kind of upset about at first but not anymore. By day 5 I saw improvements and am already very pleased. And I don't really have a
  15. Just started accutane 4 days ago, no difference in anything wutsoever so far. I was on accutane for the first time when I was 14 worked pretty well, but I've always had a slightly mild case ever since. I am now 21 and even though it is not that bad, I do not want to deal with it anymore so I decided to start it again. The doctor has put me on (1) 20mg pill a day, so maybe thats why I have not experienced any side effects yet, or maybe it jsut has't gotten into my system yet. What do you think?