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  1. Just make sure you don't get it ON your lips. -BoB
  2. My derm. prescribed me Klaron to wear in the morning/ through out the day. And she also prescribed me retin-a to wear at night. On top of that I am taking Monodox morning & night. So what combo of meds are you guys taking?
  3. wow i feel like you just got into my face and SCREAMED at me
  4. I'm actually using retin-a now. My derm just prescribed it to me last......umm.... Tuesday and today is Saturday. I'm using Klaron in the morning taking oral meds morning and night and night time is also when I use retin-a. For me, this has been working miracles. I can actually see normal colored skin :))))! If it's not working for you you should contact your derm. and make another appointment and tell him/ her your skin seems to be getting worse. Hope I helped, BoB
  5. I was just lookin at pictures from a couple months ago and my skin was next to flawless... I just had a few pimples which to other people most likely meant NOTHING. But I remember how self conscious I was about it then. Now I think my face could be classified as severe. As soon as I look in the mirror BAM thats all I see. I've been thinking back to what I was using before my skin started to get so bad and now I remember... The Clear Skin regimen fucked my skin up. Of course it works for oth
  6. Oh jeez, everything is suspected for acne now adayss...
  7. hmmm quick question... do you work for that site? Because it sounds like your advertising it.
  8. Thanks Queen! This information is extremely helpful. Too bad I already put alot on for tonight lol hopefully I'm not red in the morning... -BoB
  9. My derm. prescribed me retin-a yesterday and told me to use a pea-sized application and to divide my face into 4 quadrants using it. I don't feel like this is enough and I tend to go a little overboard, accidentally. Maybe because I've been using Benzoyl Peroxide in large doses, just like everyone else, so I'm basically addicted to using alot? Does anyone else break this rule a little, if not how has Retin-a worked for you? I'm already seeing my skin getting a lil better -Bob
  10. Obviously Icing skin makes your pores shrink (cold causes shrinkageee), but is there any advantage of doing this before you apply topical treatments? Or is it a good idea to have open pores so your skin absorbs the product more efficiently? After getting out of the shower at night I always think about doing this, I think it would also help the swelling go down on certain zits. -Bob
  11. I just popped this pimple that was bugging me, it was a complete white head so I just had to do it lol. Now theres a dent in my skin, I hope it doesn't scar . Any suggestions? -BoB
  12. Hey, Today I was at the derm. for the first time and she gave me a speech about Accutane saying I may need it if the topicals/ antibiotics she gave me don't work. Do alot of people get told this? Just wondering, Bob
  13. no, but i've been thinkin about trying it out. seems kinda too good to be true tho...
  14. Hey everyone, I just started to notice that every single day I wake up, first thing I do is run to the mirror, I'm also pissed off by my skin complexion. But as the day goes on, and as I look at it, I feel a bit better. Could this be because I'm just waking up and haven't been moving much therefore less blood circulation? Does anyone else experience this? -Bob