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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm going to the same doctor. I'll keep in touch.
  2. You should be a spokes person for the cosmetic industry, "you are all garbage! Spend money now or die ugly and unhappy"
  3. What are you talking about? I didn't ask for a BellaFill commercial but actual studies and proof of what you are saying is true (that in 7-10 years the microdroplet injections will fail). You keep reciting that different doctors say this and that but in all honesty we all should know that doctors have vastly different motives for doing what they do. I have yet to see good results from BellaFill. Frankly, it cannot produce the same results. You are very much allowed to argue against Silicone (
  4. Could you point me in the direction of finding the studies that say problems will come in 7-10 years with the microdroplet injection technique? I have yet to see any. However, I have seen a couple that have done great 30 years on...? Don't send me photos of people who injected a ton of silicone in the 70s that is hardly the same thing, we are talking minuscule amounts here. Bellafill can't be reversed either?
  5. Micro-droplet silicone injections might be what you need then. It is pretty much the only thing that can give us what we are looking for unfortunately. Although, some argue the risk is too great so do your research first. The intense obsession with your flaws usually comes from somewhere (psychologically). I should know. Perhaps try to understand why you feel the way you do.
  6. Oh god. Yes candida exist but not in the sense that you believe. It is part of our biology. If you had problems with white blood cells they wouldn't attack in the first place. It's like you are adding together different scientific studies and then going "see snakes gives birth to rabbits" it makes no sense. However, this tactic is usually adopted by holistic 'doctors' that need something to back up their pseudo science. To each their own I suppose though. Also, who ever said google was a subs
  7. Oh my god there is no such thing as candida and leaky gut, it's pseudo science at best. It doesn't even deserve a proper argument. It could be a ton of things but honestly, no her gut is not leaking nor is candida out of control (candida exists in all of us and the only ones with systematic candida - overgrowth are HIV patients who have a lowered immunsystem). Honestly, I'm tired of all the bullshit you are spreading with low immunsystem or whatnot if you have acne/scarring there is absolu
  8. Alitrude, how are you feeling now? Did you have any improvements? I'm going in for February for my first one with the same doctor so please let me know about your experience I'm really curious!
  9. Unfortunately, it didn't. Not many showed up and as of now I don't have the time as I have uni and work. But, I do encourage a get together. If anyone can host please post here!
  10. I know it sucks. But honestly I know my first treatment I had some really weird things happen for the first month. Please put it aside for now. Message me if you need to talk. I have been there.
  11. Yes. There is definitely hope. However, you should never feel embarrassed! Feel proud because you have to be stronger than other people. Take this time to reflect on why you feel embarrassed about something you had no control of. I am confident that one day you'll get what you want. Start researching subcision/saline with subcision/ dermpen/ single needling/ TCA cross. And, the thing that might do it all: micro-droplet silicone injections but do try to exhaust every other option before because s
  12. Hey guys, happy that more want to join! I'm in Italy again but I get back in 10 days... so how about we set something up for real this time the 17th? Please let me know by message if you can make it otherwise I won't set anything up... I think there is a max of 10 but I thought 5 in each group might be nice as a start. But, I need to know how many we are first so let me know if you can make it and what time is good for you (daytime GMT+1 best!!)
  13. I know, it happens to us all... Sometimes it just gets to you. There is a ton of things you can do though. If you are on a budget I would start dermarolling with a 2 mm every 3-4 months (but can take up to 12 months to see results). But I saw best improvements from subcision and Juvaderm Hydrate (at the same time). It costs me maybe £350 every time (depends on how much you use). However, unfortunately these stupid scars will probably always hang around. I find getting some improvements from t
  14. Yes there are a ton of things you can do. Start with a round of subcision - needling - filler (or Restylane Vital/juvaderm hydrate) every 3-4 months perhaps? Your scarring is not that bad and you're really good looking, try to fix all that anxiety and stuff in your head too if you can. I promise once you do your imperfections won't have this much power over you. Good luck!