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  1. I use polysporing on my back, i think it's pretty much the same thing. I use it whaever stage my zits are at, i was worred about it clogging pores. but i havent gotten any new breakouts scince i started using it. It appears to help with healing too. I would be more cautious on my face though...
  2. it's pretty unsafe too...try to google it.
  3. huh? that was never said. I think she just wanted to remind us all that the things that people see....(acne, skin issues, outer appearance) etc. are not what validates us in the eyes of God ( because He looks at our hearts) That doesnt mean that we'll never feel bad about our skin or bodies...just that we should know that the creator of the universe sees what people may not.
  4. ooo, thats scary. i still remeber the first time i had to get massage. I was pretty much naked.. it was so uncomfortable! So i can relate and wish you luck! It will be over before you know it.
  5. Generally no, but it depends on your skin really. lots of people can't, but i for one can. it's an individual thing.
  6. i don't leave mine over my entire face, but sometimes i leave a clay mask on over pimples to dry them out and spot treat at night.
  7. trust me, speaking as a girl....she won't care. really. unless she's insanely shallow. in which case she's not worth your time ne ways. But thats highly improbable.
  8. i don't see how what your doing could possibly worsen it, unless you have allergies or a sensitivity to like, tea tree oil or something. Just ,ight not clear it that fast. stick with it for a while and see it you make any progress.
  9. my brother has acne which is quite worse than mine. then again, he's not as knowlegeble as me, and i don't think he does alot for it. i'm always making recomendations to him, but at his loss he never listens to me! I think my dad also bot acne as a teenager too. probably in between my brothers and mine.
  10. weird i just started doing this again yesterday night! It does work well.
  11. i think the soap bar is possibly aggravating breakouts...which is very bad because i have grad pictures ( for real, last chance this time) on friday. and they're on weird places i don't usually break out, like my jaw line. noooooo! i will keep using the bar on my bacne though..no visible progress ( backwards or not) there yet...
  12. I really like the cream cleanser. it's nice and gentle for occasional use, anyway. I've used it as a mask. alright results...no miracles though.