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  1. thanks for the rep, i might have to go to the doctors about this ill post when i do thanks.
  2. i wrote this in another thread, a while ago, but i have this red patch underneath my mouth to the left and where my eyebrows meet. I gave the regimen a rest for a week and it got better then i started again and it carried on being red sore and itchy. this is really getting me down and i need some help i havent changed my products in ages, ive rested the regimen for a week and a bit and then carried on. help!!!!!!!! thanks
  3. i hate to boast but my skin is completely clear i just have this annoying red patch and it wont go away. i live in the uk, will the neosporin CREAM be on sale here? Yes i do have eczma but very mild, i mean ive been on the regimen for like a year and a half no problems like this whatsoever. thank you.
  4. nope everything is the same. When i run about and sweat a lot it tends to die down a bit, but otherwise its a red patch with flaking skin often around it i sometimes pick it off but sommmetims there are too many. ??? thank you.
  5. Hiya, Ive been on the regimen for about 1 and a half years now, and i have recently (for about a month) had a red patch on my face (near my chin and mouth) which is red and itchy. Ive tried everything to putting more moisturiser on it and etc does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
  6. Hi, Im using Eucerin dry skin relief face cream at the moment, but im looking for something that does the same job (or even better) but is less greasy. Price doesnt matter, and im in the UK (england) . Thanks.
  7. Hi, Is this product avabile in the US? (Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash) Just that im going there real soon and i cant take it in my suitcase... Thanks a lot.
  8. Hello, A few of you lot out there may remember me, i used to post quite a while back but usually in the regimen forums. At the moment, im 16, and i beat my depressive thoughts and rid myself of comtemplating suicide. I remember, i had to switch schools in late 2006, at the age of 15. My acne wasnt that bad, i mean it never held me back from doing the things i wanted to, maybe chatting up girls but i found myself never to short of one (fuck know's why). I broke my wrist, and i wasnt able to wash
  9. Hmm, ive had to stop now because it was causin breakouts now i have stopped for 5 days no more breakouts...
  10. sorted i used a tiny amount of jojobo oil and presto everythings ok :D
  11. Hmm yeah i mean ive been fine up to this point, and its not major flakiness its like tiny like white bits on my face small but still annoying. I mean eucerin is the best you can get out there ive heard and its proved itself for a long while but why is this happening now? Im sure there must be a more major reason than the cold.
  12. hi ive been on the regimen for ages now, but all of a sudden ive started gettin flakey skin near my chin and that general area. I don't want to put on jojoba oil as that makes me breakout, and im using eucerin moisturiser and even a lot of it doesnt help a great deal. Thanks.
  13. Bend right over when you wash your hair and wash it completely out before you stand back up then rinse your a face a little with the shower